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Song-Ming -> Romance of the Three Kingdoms -> Jizhou Taken: Yuan Shang Strives; River Zhang Cut: Xu You Schemes -> 16

袁尚審配:「?」:「使尹楷沮授袁譚袁譚。」袁尚審配陳琳使馬延張顗:「。」Shen Pei and his master also discussed the current situation. Yuan Shang said, "Cao Cao is getting grain into the White River, which means an attack on Jizhou. What is to be done?" Shen Pei replied, "Send letters to Yin Kai, Commander of Wuan, bidding him camp at Maocheng to secure the road to Shangdang, and direct Ju Gu, son of Ju Shou, to maintain Handan as a distant auxiliary. Then you may advance on Pingyuan and attack Yuan Tan. After he is destroyed, Cao Cao is next." The plan seemed good. Yuan Shang left Shen Pei and Chen Lin in charge of Yejun, appointed two Commanders Ma Yan and Zhang Zi as Van Leaders, and set out hastily for Pingyuan. When Yuan Tan heard of the approach of his brother's army, he sent urgent messages to Cao Cao, who said to himself, "I am going to get Jizhou this time."

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