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Song-Ming -> Romance of the Three Kingdoms -> Jizhou Taken: Yuan Shang Strives; River Zhang Cut: Xu You Schemes -> 28.1

徐晃:「?」:「。」:「審榮。」:「!」:「?」:「!」:「?」:「!」辛毗:「!」:「!」:「使!」When the captive was taken into Cao Cao's presence, Cao Cao said, "Do you know who opened the gate to let me in?" "No, I know not." "It was your nephew Shen Rong who gave up the gate," said Cao Cao. "He was always unprincipled, and it has come to this!" said Shen Pei. "The other day when I approached the city, why did you shoot so hard at me?" "I am sorry we shot too little." "As a faithful adherent of the Yuans, you could do no otherwise. Now will you come over to me?" "Never; I will never surrender." Xin Pi threw himself on the ground with lamentations, saying, "Eighty of my people murdered by this ruffian. I pray you slay him, O Prime Minister!" "Alive, I have served the Yuans;" said Shen Pei, "dead, I will be their ghost! I am no flattering time-server as you are. Kill me!" Cao Cao gave the order. They led him away to put him to death. On the execution ground he said to the executioners, "My lord is in the north, I pray you not to make me face the south." So Shen Pei knelt facing the north and extended his neck for the fatal stroke.

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