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Alternate form
Simplified character
Semantic variant
Semantic variant
Semantic variant
Semantic variant
Semantic variant

Radical:+ 0 strokes = 15 strokes total.
References:Guangyun: p.254#16 Kangxi: p.1532#08 Cihai: p.1571r2c03 GSR: 961.l Hanyu: v7,p4788#01
Composition:Top: , bottom: 𠚕. Component of: 𪗖 𪗔 𪗕 𠠚 𪗗 𢸡 𤁧 𫹁 𪤭 𮮿 𪗚 𡾐 𪗘 𢎕 𪗙 [More]
Mandarin:chǐ ㄔˇ
Tang reconstruction:*chiə̌
Unihan definition:teeth; gears, cogs; age; KangXi radical 211
0 strokes: 齿 𣦋 𮮽
1 strokes:
2 strokes: 𪗔 𪗕 𪗖 𪗗 𮮾
3 strokes: 𪗘 𪗙 𪗚 𮮿
4 strokes: 𪗛 𪗜 𪗝 𪗞 𪗟 𪗠 𪗡 𪗢 𪗣 𪗤 𫜨 𫠙 𬹺 𬹻 𬹼 𬹽 𮯀 𮯁
5 strokes: 𠎜 𪗥 𪗦 𪗧 𪗨 𪗩 𪗪 𪗫 𪗬 𪗭 𪗮 𪗯 𪗰 𪗱 𪗲 𪗳 𪗴 𪗵 𪗶 𫠚 𬹴 𬹾 𬹿 𬺀 𮯂 𮯃 𮯙
6 strokes: 𪗷 𪗸 𪗹 𪗺 𪗻 𪗼 𪗽 𪗾 𪗿 𪘀 𪘁 𪘂 𪘃 𪘄 𪘅 𪘆 𪘇 𪘈 𪘉 𪘊 𪘋 𪘌 𪘍 𪚏 𫜥 𫜩 𫜪 𬹵 𬹶 𬹷 𬺁 𬺂 𬺃 𬺄 𬺅 𮯄 𮯅 𮯆 𪘀
7 strokes: 𪘎 𪘏 𪘐 𪘑 𪘒 𪘓 𪘔 𪘕 𪘖 𪘗 𪘘 𪘙 𪘚 𪘛 𪘜 𪘝 𪘞 𪘟 𪘠 𪘡 𪘢 𪘣 𪘤 𫜦 𫜫 𬺆 𬺇 𮯇
8 strokes: 𪘥 𪘦 𪘧 𪘨 𪘩 𪘪 𪘫 𪘬 𪘭 𪘮 𪘯 𪘰 𪘱 𪘲 𪘳 𪘴 𪘵 𪘶 𪘷 𪘸 𪚐 𫜬 𫜭 𫠜 𬺈 𬺉 𬺊 𬺋 𬺌 𮯈 𮯉 𮯊
9 strokes: 𪘹 𪘺 𪘻 𪘼 𪘽 𪘾 𪘿 𪙀 𪙁 𪙂 𪙃 𪙄 𪙅 𪙆 𪙇 𪙈 𫜮 𫠛 𬺍 𬺎 𮯋 𮯌 𮯍 𮯎
10 strokes: 𪙉 𪙊 𪙋 𪙌 𪙍 𪙎 𪙏 𪙐 𪙑 𪙒 𪙓 𪙔 𪙕 𪙖 𪙗 𪙘 𪙙 𫜯 𬺏 𬺐 𬺑 𮯏 𮯐
11 strokes: 𪙚 𪙛 𪙜 𪙝 𪙞 𪙟 𪙠 𪙡 𪙢 𬺒 𮯑 𮯒 𮯓
12 strokes: 𪙣 𪙤 𪙥 𪙦 𪙧 𪙨 𪙩 𪙪 𪙫 𪙬 𪙭 𪙮 𪙯 𫜧 𬹸 𮯔 𮯕 𮯖
13 strokes: 𪙰 𪙱 𪙲 𪙳 𪙴 𪙵 𫜰 𬺓 𬺔 𮯗
14 strokes: 𪙶 𬺕
15 strokes: 𪙷 𪙸 𪙹 𪙺 𪙻 𪙼
16 strokes: 𪙽 𪙾 𪙿 𪚀 𬹹
17 strokes: 𪚁 𪚂 𪚃 𪚄 𬺖 𮯘
18 strokes: 𪚅
19 strokes: 𪚆 𪚇 𪚈 𪚉
20 strokes: 𪚊 𪚋
21 strokes: 𪚌
25 strokes: 𪚍 𪚎

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