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Chinese Text Project

International Conference on Cyberinfrastructure for Historical China Studies

March 13th - 16th 2018, Harvard Center, Shanghai



As the digital systems essential to modern academic scholarship continue to increase in power, scope, and complexity, sustainable mechanisms for supporting their development become increasingly important. The creation of improved cyberinfrastructure – technical and organizational foundations facilitating the development, maintenance, and interoperability of complex digital tools and platforms – has the potential to greatly increase the utility of both current and future digital systems.

While some cyberinfrastructure is general-purpose and can support a wide variety of uses across disciplines, some must be developed in response to domain-specific needs. This conference brings together academics, librarians, and commercial vendors involved in the creation and use of databases, repositories, tools, and platforms in the field of Chinese studies which stand to benefit most from these developments.

Our goal is to identify the key challenges in improving scalability of digital platforms and enabling interoperability between diverse and independent digital systems in this field, and to suggest concrete steps which can be made to address these challenges.


  • Links highlighted in green in the program point to pages in the Digital Sinology Wiki for each individual project (example pages: Chinese Text Project and CBDB). For projects whose pages do not yet exist or are incomplete, please help complete the information there by following the link, logging in using your account, and editing the page to include summary information and project URLs.
  • Links labeled "[E]" and "[]" point to downloadable presentation materials in English and Chinese respectively.

Day 1: Platforms and Standards

9.00 - 9.15
Speakers:Peter BolHarvard University
Donald SturgeonChinese Text Project
Chu Yun-HanChiang Ching-kuo Foundation
Shi RuiPeking University
9.30 - 10.00
Defining cyberinfrastructure
Panel session. Chair: Peter Bol (Harvard University)
Panelists:Hsiang JiehResearch Center for Digital Humanities, National Taiwan University
Nagasaki KiyonoriInternational Institute for Digital Humanities
Liu WeiShanghai Library
10.00 - 10.30
Cyberinfrastructure in practice
Speakers:Donald Sturgeon[E]Chinese Text Project
Wang Hongsu[E] []China Biographical Database Project
11.00 - 11.45
The role of standards
Panel session. Chair: Donald Sturgeon (Chinese Text Project)
Panelists:Matthias KaunBerlin State Library
Kitamoto AsanobuCenter for Open Data in the Humanities, National Institute for Informatics
Hung Jen-JouDharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts
Huang ChenChina Academic Digital Associative Library
Christian WitternKyoto University
Chen ShujunAcademia Sinica, Center for Digital Culture
11.45 - 12.30
Introductions to platforms
Chair: Zhang Xiaohong (Fudan University)
DocuSkyHu QiruiNational Taiwan University
Chinese Text Project[E] []Donald SturgeonChinese Text Project
AncientBooks[]Hong TaoZhonghua Book Company
Ancient Books Digital Humanities Research PlatformChih-Ming ChenChengchi University
1.30 - 3.00
Introductions to tools and platforms
Chair: Martin Heijdra (Princeton University)
China National Knowledge InfrastructureXie LeiCNKI
MARKUS[E]Hilde De WeedtLeiden University
Souyun[E] []Chen YiyunSouyun
Integrated Digital Research Platform of Chinese Buddhism TextsHung Jen-JouDharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts
Text Tools for[E] []Donald SturgeonChinese Text Project
Open research tools for Chinese poetry in TaiwanDHLiu Chao-LinChengchi University
Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures Digital Humanities Research PlatformWang Hsiang-anAcademia Sinica
Tools for Linguistic AnalysisChen Kuang-huaNational Taiwan University Library
Chinese Ancient Books Union Catalogue and Evidence-based PlatformXia CuijuanShanghai Library
3.30 - 4.30
New Models for cyberinfrastructure
Examples and open discussion. Chair: James Lee (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Ho Hou IeongMax Planck Institute for the History of Science
Chen Shih-PeiMax Planck Institute for the History of Science
Hung Jen-JouDharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts
Donald Sturgeon[E] []Chinese Text Project
Breakout sessions: Tools and platforms
Chinese Ancient Books Union Catalogue
Liu Wei, Xia Cuijuan
National Central Library
Wei Jiahui, Zhuang Huiru, Wang Hongde
Chinese Text Project
Donald Sturgeon
Ten Thousand RoomsAncient Books Digital Humanities Research Platform
Chih-Ming Chen
Zhongnan Minzu University Digital Humanities Center
Wang Zhaopeng, Shao Dawei
Hu Chijui, Tu Hsieh-Chang
Hilde De Weerdt, Mees Gelein
Dharma Drum
Hong Jen-Jou
Kanseki Repository
Christian Wittern [E]
Academia Sinica Digital Research Platform
Wang Hsiang-An
National Library Publishing
Wang Tao
China National Knowledge Infrastructure
Xie Lei
China Biographical Database Project
Wang Hongsu [E/中]
Asia Network
Ho Hou Ieong, Chen Shih-Pei
Digital Silk Road
Kitamoto Asanobu
Chen Yiyun
Taiwan University Library
Chen Kuang-Hua

Day 2: Repositories and Libraries

8.30 - 10.30
Introductions to text and image repositories
Chair: Zhou Yuan (University of Chicago)
Ming Qing Women's WritingsGrace FongMcGill University
China Academic Digital Associative LibraryXu JiangangCADAL
CrossAsiaMatthias KaunBerlin State Library
Chinese Newspaper IndexYang MinShanghai Library
Chinese National Knowledge InfrastructureXie LeiCNKI
Union Catalog of Chinese ClassicsHong TaoGuji Lianhe
Taiwan Academic Classics - Humanities and Social Sciences[E] []Nancy WuuUnited Digital Publishing Company
Chinese Local Historical Materials DatabaseZhao SiyuanShanghai Jiaotong University
East View CompaniesRobert LeeEast View Companies
Hantang DatabaseWang XinyiHantang
Shu Tongwen DatabaseShu Tongwen
11.00 - 12.30
New perspectives on text and image repositories
Panel session. Chair: Hsiang Jieh (National Taiwan University)
Panelists:Asanobu KitamotoNational Institute of Informatics
Liu Cheng-yun[E] []Scripta Sinica Project, Academia Sinica
Christian Wittern[E/中]Kanseki Repository, University of Kyoto
Donald SturgeonChinese Text Project
Response from libraries:Yang JidongStanford University Library
Response from individual scholars:Chen JingNanjing University
Response from vendors:Liu DongChina Customs Press
Breakout sessions: Text and image repositories
Huang Chen, Tu Jiangang
Zhu Houquan, Du Jia
Scripta Sinica
Liu Cheng-yun
Chinese University of Hong Kong Libraries
Louise Jones
Digital Humanities Initiative at the University of Tokyo
Masashiro Shimoda
Database of Chen Chengbo's diaries
Xie Guoxing, Wang Lijiao
Berlin State Library
Matthias Kaun
East View Information Services
Robert Lee, Sasha Chen
Dataverse / Peking University Library
Nie Hua, Zhe Benjun
Taiwan Academic Classics
Nancy Wuu
Huizhou Book Digitization Project
Wang Lei
Wang Hongyuan, Wang Xinyi
Shanghai Library Newspaper Database
China Local History Documents Database
Zhao Siyuan, Jiangqin
Ancientbooks Online
Hong Tao, Cheng Ruixue
Zhang Choucai, Zhang Chiyi, Zhang Hu
Wu Xongxian, Zheng Xueyuan
Guoxue Dashi
Li Yong
3.30 - 5.30
Libraries: Strategic plans for cyberinfrastructure and the curation of digital content
Panel session. Chair: Charles Fosselman (Council on East Asian Libraries)
Panelists:Louise JonesChinese University of Hong Kong
Yan FengFudan University
James ChenHarvard University
Uchida KeiichiKansai University
Christian WitternKyoto University
Chen Chih-minNational Central Library
Chen Kuang-hwaNational Taiwan University
Nie HuaPeking University
Martin HeijdraPrinceton University
Matthias KaunBerlin State Library
Xia CuijuanShanghai Library
Yang JidongStanford University
Wang LeiSun Yat-sen University
Shimoda MasahiroTokyo University
Zhou YuanUniversity of Chicago
Brian VivierUniversity of Pennsylvania
Shen ZhijiaUniversity of Washington
Xu JiangangZhejiang University
Shi MeiNanjing University

Day 3: Databases and Scholarship

8.30 - 10.00
Introductions to databases
Chair: Michael Fuller (University of California, Irvine)
Biographic:China Biographical Database[E/中]Wang HongsuChina Biographical Database
China Biographical DatabaseTong ZhileiChina Biographical Database
Buddhist Studies Authority DatabaseHung Jen-JouDharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts
Taiwan Biographical DatabaseChang Su-BingNational Taiwan Normal University
FamilySearchSteve NickleUtah Genealogical Society
Ming Qing Women's WritingsGrace FongMcGill University
Chronology of Tang and Song LiteratureWang ZhaopengZhongnan Minzu University
Shanghai Library Author Authority DatabaseXia CuijuanShanghai Library
National Library PressWang TaoNational Library Press
Academia Sinica Name Authority DatabaseLiu Cheng-YunAcademia Sinica
Geographic:Cyberinfrastructure for GeoHumanities[E/中]Liao Hsiung-MingCenter for GIS, Academia Sinica
Platform for Scholarly MappingZhang FengZhejiang University
China Historical Geographic Information SystemSun TaoFudan University
Bibliographic:Buddhist Studies Author Authority DatabaseHsiang JiehNational Taiwan University
Digital Database of Buddhist Tripitaka CatalogsHong Jen-JouDharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts
Dictionary:Dictionaries for the Study of Buddhist and East Asian Language and Thought[E]Charles MullerUniversity of Tokyo
Breakout sessions: Databases
Utah Genealogical Society
Steve Nickle
Zhejiang University Academic Map Platform
Zhang Feng
Qing Government Employee Database
James Lee, Cameron Campbell
Leiden University Center for Digital Humanities
Paul Vierthaler
Chengchi University Database Projects
Liu Chao-Lin
Ye Yanming
Academia Sinica Center for GIS
Liao Hsiung-Ming
Taiwan Biographical Database
Chang Su-Bing
Dictionary Databases
Charles Muller [E]
Ming Qing Women's Writings
Grace Fong, Shi Song
Nanjing University Digital Humanities Projects
Wang Tao, Chen Jing, Chen Gang
Local Gazetteers Research Tools
Chen Shih-Pei
Center for Historical Geographical Studies, Fudan University
Zhang Xiaohong, Sun Tao
Institute of History and Philology, Academia SinicaCustoms Database
Liu Dong
Shanghai Library Genealogy Database
Liu Wei, Xia Cuijuan
Kansai University Open Research Center for Asian Studies
Uchida Keiichi, Tao Demin
1.30 - 3.00
Universities and research institutes: Implementation and collaboration on cyberinfrastructure
Panel session. Chair: Nagasaki Kiyonori (International Institute for Digital Humanities)
Panelists:Hilde De WeerdtLeiden University
Shi RuiPeking University
Dagmar SchaferMax Planck Institute
Christian WitternUniversity of Kyoto
Zhang XiaohongFudan University
Shimoda MasahiroUniversity of Tokyo
Uchida KeiichiKansai University
Peter BolHarvard University
3.30 - 5.00
Where do we go from here?
Panel session. Chairs: Liu Cheng-Yun, Donald Sturgeon, Peter Bol
View from libraries:The Chairs will invite librarians to speak
View from vendors:The Chairs will invite vendors to speak
View from researchers:The Chairs will invite researchers to speak