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出粮,古文见。《汉语大词典》拾遗之一y4inpg2017-12-12 14:56:42
Last post: swahili
延的笔画数量: 廴+ 4笔 = 共7笔fuzongtong2017-11-10 07:16:36
Last post: fuzongtong
“缆车“的“缆“的现代读音(上声)fuzongtong2017-11-09 23:20:46
Last post: fuzongtong
汉朝讲台语的证据akila11122017-07-07 09:54:36
Last post: uinnkh
使民夏不宛喝,喝当作happylr2017-03-02 02:55:42
Last post: happylr
请补上「𪩲」此字为「𠂔」的异体字oscarsun722017-02-16 03:31:24
Last post: oscarsun72
异体字补充oscarsun722017-02-16 03:30:22
Last post: oscarsun72
文章字面long0012017-02-07 16:46:54
Last post: long001
「𣏟」(U+233DF)、「林」lungtierh2016-12-07 09:08:19
Last post: lungtierh
无有终时-> 无有终时sophia_liao2016-11-08 02:12:51
Last post: pinghua
说文解字 - 六书wkchoy2016-09-30 14:05:58
Last post: wkchoy
靬qiánfuzongtong2016-09-16 05:08:04
Last post: fuzongtong
龅 bāo (八高切)fuzongtong2016-09-03 11:13:44
Last post: fuzongtong
𨘕 16/18 strokesfuzongtong2016-08-16 22:16:55
Last post: fuzongtong
伯 另读bāifuzongtong2016-08-11 13:53:31
Last post: fuzongtong
拜 另读báifuzongtong2016-08-10 22:24:34
Last post: fuzongtong
卓zhuófuzongtong2016-08-08 12:55:35
Last post: fuzongtong
芒: 草+ 3 strokes = 9 strokes total.fuzongtong2016-08-07 08:43:07
Last post: fuzongtong
异体字hieump2016-06-16 22:58:07
Last post: hieump
《方言》本字与上古汉语akila11122016-05-19 13:47:03
Last post: akila1112

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