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𧗁U+275C1康熙字典“或书作尽”似应爲“或书作𧗊”wingfirst2014-09-30 20:57:39
Last post: wingfirst
𪌘fxrluobo2014-04-02 04:27:28
Last post: fxrluobo
饨字的异体字不全fxrluobo2014-04-01 08:49:03
Last post: fxrluobo
这个字的小篆,金文等位置可能不对!sleepinglord2014-02-08 02:57:44
Last post: sleepinglord
恬惔虚无 -> 恬惔虚无gongzhitaao2013-08-12 22:19:38
Last post: gongzhitaao
Definition "大清已可" ??qaeast2013-07-12 07:10:22
Last post: guoguo
What is the meaning of the character 肃 in this poem?justsojazz2013-07-12 05:12:03
Last post: guoguo
恬惔虚旡,应为恬惔虚无immeasurable2013-07-06 06:39:03
Last post: dsturgeon
旡应为无、从应为顺immeasurable2013-07-06 06:38:53
Last post: dsturgeon
Interpreting 羞恶之心billha2013-06-20 00:02:00
Last post: billha
夃 U+5903 康熙字典之“从𠄎从夕”应爲“从𠄎从夂”wingfirst2013-06-12 11:14:53
Last post: wingfirst
汉语大字典页码出处有误。petter2013-06-10 03:25:15
Last post: dsturgeon
𥃔 U+250D4 下的 康熙字典 的内容 “一作𥃔”值得怀疑wingfirst2013-06-04 13:56:55
Last post: dsturgeon
尣 U+5C23 说文解字:凡𡯂之属皆从𡯂,错子吧?wingfirst2013-06-04 11:05:54
Last post: wingfirst
𡠌U+2180C字典出处:汉语大字典: 卷2页1072第07 是错的,不是这个字wingfirst2013-05-30 14:06:11
Last post: wingfirst
"Meow" is just another name for "cat"fingerpuppets2013-05-24 06:41:12
Last post: player01
𦚚bujiro2013-05-20 08:38:13
Last post: dsturgeon
读音与台湾教育部国语辞典暨异体字字典有异oscarsun722013-01-05 15:21:33
Last post: china5000
错啦happylr2013-01-03 13:19:27
Last post: happylr
状 categorybao_pu2013-01-01 03:04:50
Last post: bao_pu

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