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The Analects
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關於《論語為政》中的翻譯疑議。Translationsoao10062020-01-05 22:54:19
Last post: oao1006
各言尔志,读者自择Textual issuesoao10062019-12-04 13:10:26
Last post: oao1006
子曰不患人之不己知患不知人也,這句怎麼理解Textual issueshumengjie2018-04-03 22:13:41
Last post: oao1007
伯适Chinese Text Projectxunchangzizairen2018-03-08 12:09:04
Last post: xunchangzizairen
TypoTranslationsbao_pu2018-02-10 08:46:31
Last post: bao_pu
人是一切活動的中心,鬼神終究是虛無縹緲的,孔子也明白這一點。Chinese Text Projectsuperpassby2017-01-26 01:30:44
Last post: superpassby
论语·学而13 注疏中「巽在牀下」何谓也?Textual issueskennies2016-12-20 01:53:51
Last post: kennies
「裨諶草創之」的讀音Translationstwentyfourhuang2015-12-07 06:23:58
Last post: twentyfourhuang
只有廟外才尊禮,廟內只習俗。Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:56:00
Last post: deqingli
孔子不是不知,而是為避違不談而已。Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:50:27
Last post: deqingli
「夷狄之有君,不如諸夏之亡也。」Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:47:13
Last post: deqingli
禮之本Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:44:48
Last post: deqingli
君子對事不對人,小人對人不對事。Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:41:23
Last post: deqingli
「君子務禮(神)不務器。」Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:29:56
Last post: deqingli
孔子嘆這种變化是「廋」Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:27:32
Last post: deqingli
=「刑不逮于君子,禮不逮于小人。」Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:20:59
Last post: deqingli
『思無邪』= 期待侍者象馬服務其主一樣侍奉君主而無邪念Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 11:18:25
Last post: deqingli
孔子只說慎終,曾子補以追遠Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 10:56:34
Last post: deqingli
先學自重然後學(文,詩書)。Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 10:52:28
Last post: deqingli
「巧言令色,鮮矣仁!」= 「剛毅、木訥,近仁。」Other topicsdeqingli2015-11-24 10:47:29
Last post: deqingli

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