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Rulers of Qí (齊)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Qí (齊)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
齊太公姜尚-1000 BCDuke Tai of Qi
齊丁公姜伋999 BC-Duke Ding of Qi
齊乙公姜得Duke Yi of Qi
齊癸公姜慈母Duke Gui of Qi
齊哀公姜不辰-863 BCDuke Ai of Qi
齊胡公姜靜862 BC-860 BCDuke Hu of Qi
齊獻公姜山859 BC-851 BCDuke Xian of Qi
齊武公姜壽850 BC-825 BCDuke Wu of Qi
齊厲公姜無忌824 BC-816 BCDuke Li of Qi
齊文公姜赤815 BC-804 BCDuke Wen of Qi
齊成公姜脫803 BC-795 BCDuke Cheng of Qi
齊前莊公姜購794 BC-731 BCDuke Zhuang of Qi (the first)
齊釐公姜祿甫730 BC-698 BCDuke Li of Qi
齊襄公姜諸兒697 BC-686 BCDuke Xiang of Qi
齊前廢公姜無知686 BC-686 BCDuke Fei of Qi (I)
齊桓公姜小白685 BC-643 BCDuke Huan of Qi
齊中廢公姜無詭643 BC-643 BCDuke Fei of Qi (II)
齊孝公姜昭642 BC-633 BCDuke Xiao of Qi
齊昭公姜潘632 BC-613 BCDuke Zhao of Qi
齊後廢公姜舍613 BC-613 BCDuke Fei of Qi (III)
齊懿公姜商人612 BC-609 BCDuke Yi of Qi
齊惠公姜元608 BC-599 BCDuke Hui of Qi
齊頃公姜無野598 BC-582 BCDuke Qing of Qi
齊靈公姜環581 BC-554 BCDuke Ling of Qi
齊後莊公姜光553 BC-548 BCDuke Zhuang of Qi (the second)
齊景公姜杵臼547 BC-490 BCDuke Jing of Qi
齊晏孺公姜荼489 BC-489 BCDuke Yan Ru of Qi
齊悼公姜陽生488 BC-485 BCDuke Dao of Qi
齊簡公姜壬484 BC-481 BCDuke Jian of Qi
齊平公姜驁480 BC-456 BCDuke Ping of Qi
齊宣公姜積455 BC-405 BCDuke Xuan of Qi
齊康公姜貸404 BC-379 BCDuke Kang of Qi
齊太公田和404 BC-384 BCDuke Tai of Qi (House of Tian)
齊廢公田剡383 BC-375 BCDuke Fei of Qi (House of Tian)
齊桓公田午374 BC-357 BCDuke Huan of Qi (House of Tian)
齊威王田因齊356 BC-320 BCKing Wei of Qi
齊宣王田辟彊319 BC-301 BCKing Xuan of Qi
齊愍王田地300 BC-284 BCKing Min of Qi
齊襄王田法章283 BC-265 BCKing Xiang of Qi
齊廢王田建264 BC-221 BCKing Fei of Qi

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