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Rulers of Wèi (衛)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Wèi (衛)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
衛康叔姬封Kang Shu of Wei
衛康伯Earl Kang of Wei
衛考伯Earl Kao of Wei
衛嗣伯Earl Si of Wei
衛疌伯Earl Nie of Wei
衛靖伯Earl Jing of Wei
衛貞伯Earl Zhen of Wei
衛頃侯866 BC-855 BCMarquess Qing of Wei
衛釐侯855 BC-813 BCMarquess Li of Wei
衛共伯姬餘814 BC-813 BCEarl Gong of Wei
衛武公姬和813 BC-758 BCDuke Wu of Wei
衛莊公姬揚757 BC-735 BCDuke Zhuang of Wei (the first)
衛桓公姬完734 BC-719 BCDuke Huan of Wei
衛廢公姬州吁719 BC-719 BCDuke Fei of Wei (the first)
衛宣公姬晉718 BC-700 BCDuke Xuan of Wei
衛惠公姬朔699 BC-697 BCDuke Hui of Wei
衛廢公姬黔牟696 BC-687 BCDuke Fei of Wei (the second)
衛惠公姬朔686 BC-669 BCDuke Hui of Wei
衛懿公姬赤668 BC-661 BCDuke Yi of Wei
衛戴公姬申660 BC-660 BCDuke Dai of Wei
衛文公姬燬659 BC-635 BCDuke Wen of Wei
衛成公姬鄭634 BC-633 BCDuke Cheng of Wei
衛廢公姬瑕632 BC-632 BCDuke Fei of Wei (the third)
衛成公姬鄭631 BC-600 BCDuke Cheng of Wei
衛穆公姬遫599 BC-589 BCDuke Mu of Wei
衛定公姬臧588 BC-577 BCDuke Ding of Wei
衛獻公姬衎576 BC-559 BCDuke Xian of Wei
衛殤公姬秋558 BC-547 BCDuke Shang of Wei
衛獻公姬衎546 BC-544 BCDuke Xian of Wei
衛襄公姬惡543 BC-535 BCDuke Xiang of Wei
衛靈公姬元534 BC-493 BCDuke Ling of Wei
衛出公姬輒492 BC-481 BCDuke Chu of Wei
衛莊公姬蒯聵480 BC-478 BCDuke Zhuang of Wei (the second)
衛廢公姬起477 BC-477 BCDuke Fei of Wei (the fourth)
衛廢公姬般師476 BC-476 BCDuke Fei of Wei (the fifth)
衛出公姬輒476 BC-470 BCDuke Chu of Wei
衛悼公姬黔469 BC-465 BCDuke Dao of Wei
衛敬公姬弗464 BC-432 BCDuke Jing of Wei
衛昭公姬糾431 BC-426 BCDuke Zhao of Wei
衛懷公姬亶425 BC-415 BCDuke Huai of Wei
衛慎公姬穨414 BC-383 BCDuke Shen of Wei
衛聲公姬訓382 BC-371 BCDuke Sheng of Wei
衛成侯姬不逝371 BC-343 BCMarquess Cheng of Wei
衛平侯子南勁342 BC-333 BCMarquess Ping of Wei
衛嗣君334 BC-293 BCSi Jun of Wei
衛懷君292 BC-252 BCHuai Jun of Wei
衛元君252 BC-230 BCYuan Jun of Wei
衛廢君姬角229 BC-209 BCFei Jun of Wei

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