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Chinese Text Project

Rulers of Zhèng (鄭)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Zhèng (鄭)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
鄭桓公姬友806 BC-771 BCDuke Huan of Zheng
鄭武公姬掘突770 BC-744 BCDuke Wu of Zheng
鄭莊公姬寤生743 BC-701 BCDuke Zhuang of Zheng
鄭昭公姬忽700 BC-700 BCDuke Zhao of Zheng
鄭厲公姬突700 BC-697 BCDuke Li of Zheng
鄭昭公姬忽696 BC-695 BCDuke Zhao of Zheng
鄭子亹姬子亹694 BC-694 BCZi Wei of Zheng
鄭子嬰姬嬰693 BC-680 BCZi Ying of Zheng
鄭厲公姬突679 BC-673 BCDuke Li of Zheng
鄭文公姬踕672 BC-628 BCDuke Wen of Zheng
鄭穆公姬子蘭627 BC-606 BCDuke Mu of Zheng
鄭靈公姬子夷605 BC-605 BCDuke Ling of Zheng
鄭襄公姬子堅604 BC-587 BCDuke Xiang of Zheng
鄭悼公姬沸586 BC-585 BCDuke Dao of Zheng
鄭成公姬睔584 BC-571 BCDuke Cheng of Zheng
鄭釐公姬惲570 BC-566 BCDuke Li of Zheng
鄭簡公姬嘉565 BC-530 BCDuke Jian of Zheng
鄭定公姬寧529 BC-514 BCDuke Ding of Zheng
鄭獻公姬躉513 BC-501 BCDuke Xian of Zheng
鄭聲公姬勝500 BC-463 BCDuke Sheng of Zheng
鄭哀公姬易462 BC-455 BCDuke Ai of Zheng
鄭共公姬醜455 BC-424 BCDuke Gong of Zheng
鄭幽公姬已423 BC-423 BCDuke You of Zheng
鄭繻公姬駘422 BC-396 BCDuke Xu of Zheng
鄭康公姬乙395 BC-375 BCDuke Kang of Zheng

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