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Rulers of Yān (燕)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Yān (燕)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
召康公姬奭Duke Shao Kang (of Yan)
燕侯克姬克Marquess Ke of Yan
燕侯旨姬旨Marquess Zhi of Yan
燕侯舞姬舞Marquess Wu of Yan
燕侯憲姬憲Marquess Xian of Yan
燕侯和姬和Marquess He of Yan
燕惠侯864 BC-827 BCMarquess Hui of Yan
燕釐侯姬荘826 BC-791 BCMarquess Li of Yan
燕頃侯790 BC-767 BCMarquess Qing of Yan
燕哀侯766 BC-765 BCMarquess Ai of Yan
燕鄭侯764 BC-729 BCMarquess Zheng of Yan
燕穆侯728 BC-711 BCMarquess Mu of Yan
燕宣侯710 BC-698 BCMarquess Xuan of Yan
燕桓侯697 BC-691 BCMarquess Huan of Yan
燕莊公690 BC-658 BCDuke Zhuang of Yan
燕襄公657 BC-618 BCDuke Xiang of Yan
燕桓公617 BC-602 BCDuke Huan of Yan (the first)
燕宣公601 BC-587 BCDuke Xuan of Yan
燕昭公586 BC-574 BCDuke Zhao of Yan
燕武公573 BC-555 BCDuke Wu of Yan
燕文公554 BC-549 BCDuke Wen of Yan (the first)
燕懿公548 BC-545 BCDuke Yi of Yan
燕惠公544 BC-536 BCDuke Hui of Yan
燕悼公535 BC-529 BCDuke Dao of Yan
燕共公528 BC-524 BCDuke Gong of Yan
燕平公523 BC-505 BCDuke Ping of Yan
燕簡公504 BC-493 BCDuke Jian of Yan (the first)
燕孝公492 BC-455 BCDuke Xiao of Yan
燕成公姬戴454 BC-439 BCDuke Cheng of Yan
燕閔公438 BC-415 BCDuke Min of Yan
燕簡公姬載414 BC-373 BCDuke Jian of Yan (the second)
燕桓公372 BC-362 BCDuke Huan of Yan (the second)
燕文公361 BC-333 BCDuke Wen of Yan (the second)
燕易王332 BC-321 BCKing Yi of Yan
燕王噲姬噲320 BC-312 BCKing Kuai of Yan
燕昭王姬職311 BC-279 BCKing Zhao of Yan
燕恵王278 BC-272 BCKing Hui of Yan
燕武成王271 BC-258 BCKing Wu Cheng of Yan
燕孝王257 BC-255 BCKing Xiao of Yan
燕王喜254 BC-222 BCKing Xi of Yan

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