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Rulers of Qín (秦)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Qín (秦)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
秦非子900 BC-858 BCFei Zi of Qin
秦侯858 BC-848 BCMarquess of Qin
秦公伯846 BC-844 BCGong Bo of Qin
秦仲845 BC-822 BCZhong of Qin
秦莊公嬴也822 BC-778 BCDuke Zhuang of Qin
秦襄公777 BC-766 BCDuke Xiang of Qin
秦文公765 BC-716 BCDuke Wen of Qin
秦靜公716 BC-716 BCDuke Jing of Qin
秦寧公715 BC-704 BCDuke Ning of Qin
秦出子703 BC-698 BCChu Zi of Qin
秦武公697 BC-678 BCDuke Wu of Qin
秦德公677 BC-676 BCDuke De of Qin
秦宣公675 BC-664 BCDuke Xuan of Qin
秦成公663 BC-660 BCDuke Cheng of Qin
秦穆公嬴任好659 BC-621 BCDuke Mu of Qin
秦康公嬴罃620 BC-609 BCDuke Kang of Qin
秦共公嬴稻608 BC-604 BCDuke Gong of Qin
秦桓公嬴榮603 BC-577 BCDuke Huan of Qin
秦景公嬴後576 BC-537 BCDuke Jing of Qin
秦哀公536 BC-501 BCDuke Ai of Qin
秦夷公501 BC-500 BCDuke Yi of Qin
秦惠公500 BC-491 BCDuke Hui of Qin (the first)
秦悼公490 BC-477 BCDuke Dao of Qin
秦厲共公嬴刺476 BC-443 BCDuke Li Gong of Qin
秦躁公442 BC-429 BCDuke Zao of Qin
秦懷公428 BC-425 BCDuke Huai of Qin
秦靈公嬴肅424 BC-415 BCDuke Ling of Qin
秦簡公嬴悼子414 BC-400 BCDuke Jian of Qin
秦惠公399 BC-387 BCDuke Hui of Qin (the second)
秦出子386 BC-385 BCChu Zi of Qin
秦獻公嬴師隰384 BC-362 BCDuke Xian of Qin
秦孝公361 BC-338 BCDuke Xiao of Qin
秦惠文君嬴駟337 BC-311 BCLord Hui Wen of Qin
秦武王嬴蕩310 BC-307 BCKing Wu of Qin
秦昭襄王嬴稷306 BC-251 BCKing Zhao Xiang of Qin
秦孝文王嬴柱250 BC-250 BCKing Xiao Wen of Qin
秦莊襄王嬴子楚249 BC-247 BCKing Zhuang Xiang of Qin
秦始皇帝嬴政246 BC-210 BCQin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China.
秦二世皇帝胡亥210 BC-207 BCQin Er Shi
秦三世子嬰207 BC-207 BCQin San Shi

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