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Rulers of Chǔ (楚)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Chǔ (楚)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
楚熊蚤熊蚤Xiong Zao of Chu
楚熊丽熊丽Xiong Li of Chu
楚熊狂熊狂Xiong Kuang of Chu
楚熊绎熊绎Xiong Yi of Chu
楚熊艾熊艾Xiong Ai of Chu
楚熊黵熊黵Xiong Dan of Chu
楚熊胜熊胜Xiong Sheng of Chu
楚熊杨熊杨Xiong Yang of Chu
楚熊渠熊渠Xiong Qu of Chu
楚熊挚熊挚Xiong Zhi of Chu
楚熊延熊延-848 BCXiong Yan of Chu
楚熊勇熊勇846 BC-838 BCXiong Yong of Chu
楚熊严熊严837 BC-828 BCXiong Yan of Chu
楚熊霜熊霜827 BC-822 BCXiong Shuang of Chu
楚熊徇熊徇821 BC-800 BCXiong Xun of Chu
楚熊咢熊咢799 BC-791 BCXiong E of Chu
楚若敖熊仪790 BC-764 BCRuo Ao of Chu
楚霄敖熊坎763 BC-758 BCXiao Ao of Chu
楚蚡冒熊眴757 BC-741 BCFen Mao of Chu
楚武王熊通740 BC-690 BCKing Wu of Chu
楚文王熊赀689 BC-675 BCKing Wen of Chu
楚庄敖熊艰674 BC-672 BCZhuang Ao of Chu
楚成王熊恽671 BC-626 BCKing Cheng of Chu
楚穆王熊商臣625 BC-614 BCKing Mu of Chu
楚庄王熊侣613 BC-591 BCKing Zhuang of Chu
楚共王熊审590 BC-560 BCKing Gong of Chu
楚康王熊招559 BC-545 BCKing Kang of Chu
楚郏敖熊员544 BC-541 BCJia Ao of Chu
楚灵王熊围540 BC-529 BCKing Ling of Chu
楚王比熊比529 BC-529 BCKing Bi of Chu
楚平王熊居528 BC-516 BCKing Ping of Chu
楚昭王熊珍515 BC-489 BCKing Zhao of Chu
楚惠王熊章488 BC-432 BCKing Hui of Chu
楚简王熊中431 BC-408 BCKing Jian of Chu
楚声王熊当407 BC-402 BCKing Sheng of Chu
楚悼王熊疑401 BC-381 BCKing Dao of Chu
楚肃王熊臧380 BC-370 BCKing Su of Chu
楚宣王熊良夫369 BC-340 BCKing Xuan of Chu
楚威王熊商339 BC-329 BCKing Wei of Chu
楚怀王熊槐328 BC-299 BCKing Huai of Chu
楚顷襄王熊横298 BC-263 BCKing Qing Xiang of Chu
楚考烈王熊元262 BC-238 BCKing Kao Lie of Chu
楚幽王熊悍237 BC-228 BCKing You of Chu
楚哀王熊犹228 BC-228 BCKing Ai of Chu
楚王负刍熊负刍227 BC-223 BCKing Fu Chu of Chu
昌平君223 BC-223 BCChang Ping Jun of Chu
楚隠王陈胜210 BC-209 BCKing Yin of Chu
楚假王景驹209 BC-209 BCKing Jia of Chu
楚义帝熊心209 BC-207 BCEmperor Yi of Chu
西楚霸王项羽206 BC-202 BCHegemon-King of Western Chu

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