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Rulers of Cáo (曹)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Cáo (曹)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
曹叔振鐸姬振鐸-1053 BCShu Zhen Duo of Cao
曹太伯姬脾1053 BC-1002 BCTai Bo of Cao
曹仲君姬平1002 BC-935 BCLord Zhong of Cao
曹宮伯姬侯935 BC-895 BCGong Bo of Cao
曹孝伯姬云895 BC-865 BCXiao Bo of Cao
曹夷伯姬喜864 BC-835 BCYi Bo of Cao
曹幽伯姬疆835 BC-826 BCYou Bo of Cao
曹戴伯姬蘇826 BC-796 BCDai Bo of Cao
曹惠伯姬兕794 BC-760 BCHui Bo of Cao
曹廢伯姬石甫760 BC-760 BCFei Bo of Cao
曹穆公姬武759 BC-757 BCDuke Mu of Cao
曹桓公姬終生756 BC-702 BCDuke Huan of Cao
曹莊公姬射姑701 BC-671 BCDuke Zhuang of Cao
曹釐公姬夷670 BC-662 BCDuke Li of Cao
曹昭公姬班661 BC-653 BCDuke Zhao of Cao
曹共公姬襄652 BC-618 BCDuke Gong of Cao
曹文公姬壽617 BC-595 BCDuke Wen of Cao
曹宣公姬彊594 BC-578 BCDuke Xuan of Cao
曹成公姬負芻577 BC-555 BCDuke Cheng of Cao
曹武公姬勝554 BC-528 BCDuke Wu of Cao
曹平公姬須527 BC-524 BCDuke Ping of Cao
曹悼公姬午523 BC-515 BCDuke Dao of Cao
曹聲公姬野514 BC-510 BCDuke Sheng of Cao
曹隱公姬通509 BC-506 BCDuke Yin of Cao
曹靖公姬露505 BC-502 BCDuke Jing of Cao
曹廢公姬伯陽501 BC-487 BCDuke Fei of Cao

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