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Rulers of Lǔ (魯)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Lǔ (魯)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
魯公伯禽姬伯禽1043 BC-998 BCDuke Bo Qin of Lu
魯考公姬酋997 BC-994 BCDuke Kao of Lu
魯煬公姬熙993 BC-988 BCDuke Yang of Lu
魯幽公姬宰987 BC-974 BCDuke You of Lu
魯魏公姬晞973 BC-924 BCDuke Wei of Lu
魯厲公姬擢923 BC-887 BCDuke Li of Lu
魯獻公姬具886 BC-855 BCDuke Xian of Lu
魯真公姬濞854 BC-826 BCDuke Zhen of Lu
魯武公姬敖825 BC-816 BCDuke Wi of Lu
魯懿公姬戲815 BC-807 BCDuke Yi of Lu
魯廢公姬伯御806 BC-796 BCDuke Fei of Lu
魯孝公姬稱796 BC-769 BCDuke Xiao of Lu
魯惠公姬弗涅768 BC-723 BCDuke Hui of Lu
魯隱公姬息姑722 BC-712 BCDuke Yin of Lu
魯桓公姬允711 BC-694 BCDuke Huan of Lu
魯莊公姬同693 BC-662 BCDuke Zhuang of Lu
魯閔公姬啟661 BC-660 BCDuke Min of Lu
魯僖公姬申659 BC-627 BCDuke Xi of Lu
魯文公姬興626 BC-609 BCDuke Wen of Lu (the first)
魯宣公姬餒608 BC-591 BCDuke Xuan of Lu
魯成公姬黑肱590 BC-573 BCDuke Cheng of Lu
魯襄公姬午572 BC-542 BCDuke Xiang of Lu
姬野姬野542 BC-542 BC[Name of a person]
魯昭公姬稠541 BC-510 BCDuke Zhao of Lu
魯定公姬宋509 BC-495 BCDuke Ding of Lu
魯哀公姬將494 BC-468 BCDuke Ai of Lu
魯悼公姬寧467 BC-437 BCDuke Dao of Lu
魯元公姬嘉436 BC-416 BCDuke Yuan of Lu
魯穆公姬顯415 BC-383 BCDuke Mu of Lu
魯共公姬奮382 BC-353 BCDuke Gong of Lu
魯康公姬屯352 BC-344 BCDuke Kang of Lu
魯景公姬匽343 BC-323 BCDuke Jing of Lu
魯平公姬叔322 BC-303 BCDuke Ping of Lu
魯文公姬賈302 BC-280 BCDuke Wen of Lu (the second)
魯頃公姬讎279 BC-256 BCDuke Qing of Lu

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