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Rulers of Jìn (晉)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Jìn (晉)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
晉唐叔虞姬虞1042 BC-Tang Shuyu of Jin
晉侯燮姬燮Hou Xie of Jin
晉武侯姬寧族Marquess Wu of Jin
晉成侯姬服人Marquess Cheng of Jin
晉厲侯姬福-859 BCMarquess Li of Jin
晉靖侯姬宜臼858 BC-841 BCMarquess Jing of Jin
晉釐侯姬司徒840 BC-823 BCMarquess Li of Jin
晉獻侯姬籍822 BC-812 BCMarquess Xian of Jin
晉穆侯姬費王811 BC-785 BCMarquess Mu of Jin
晉殤叔姬殤784 BC-781 BCShang Shu of Jin
晉文侯姬仇780 BC-746 BCMarquess Wen of Jin
晉昭侯姬伯745 BC-740 BCMarquess Zhao of Jin
晉孝侯姬平739 BC-724 BCMarquess Xiao of Jin
晉鄂侯姬卻723 BC-718 BCMarquess E of Jin
晉哀侯姬光717 BC-709 BCMarquess Ai of Jin
晉小子侯姬小子708 BC-705 BCMarquess Xiao-zi of Jin
晉侯緡姬緡704 BC-678 BCHou Min of Jin
曲沃桓叔姬成師744 BC-731 BCHuan Shu of Qu Wo
曲沃莊伯姬鱓730 BC-716 BCZhuang Bo of Qu Wo
曲沃武公姬稱715 BC-677 BCDuke Wu of Qu Wo
晉獻公姬詭諸676 BC-651 BCDuke Xian of Jin
晉惠公姬夷吾650 BC-637 BCDuke Hui of Jin
晉懷公姬圉637 BC-637 BCDuke Huai of Jin
晉文公姬重耳636 BC-628 BCDuke Wen of Jin
晉襄公姬歡627 BC-621 BCDuke Xiang of Jin
晉靈公姬夷皋620 BC-607 BCDuke Ling of Jin
晉成公姬黑臀606 BC-600 BCDuke Cheng of Jin
晉景公姬據599 BC-581 BCDuke Jing of Jin
晉厲公姬壽曼580 BC-573 BCDuke Li of Jin
晉悼公姬周572 BC-558 BCDuke Dao of Jin
晉平公姬彪557 BC-532 BCDuke Ping of Jin
晉昭公姬夷531 BC-526 BCDuke Zhao of Jin
晉頃公姬棄疾525 BC-512 BCDuke Qing of Jin
晉定公姬午511 BC-475 BCDuke Ding of Jin
晉出公姬鑿474 BC-452 BCDuke Chu of Jin
晉哀公姬驕451 BC-434 BCDuke Ai of Jin
晉幽公姬柳433 BC-416 BCDuke You of Jin
晉烈公姬止415 BC-389 BCDuke Lie of Jin
晉孝公姬頎388 BC-357 BCDuke Xiao of Jin
晉靜公姬俱酒356 BC-349 BCDuke Jing of Jin

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