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Rulers of Zhōu (周)

CTP Dictionary -> Rulers of the states -> Zhou dynasty -> Rulers of Zhōu (周)

Throne namePersonal nameReign yearsEnglishEra Names
周武王姬發1046 BC-1043 BCKing Wu of Zhou, first king of the Zhou dynasty.
周成王姬誦1042 BC-1021 BCKing Cheng of Zhou
周康王姬釗1020 BC-996 BCKing Kang of Zhou
周昭王姬瑕995 BC-977 BCKing Zhao of Zhou
周穆王姬滿976 BC-922 BCKing Mu of Zhou
周共王姬繄扈922 BC-900 BCKing Gong of Zhou
周懿王姬囏899 BC-892 BCKing Yi of Zhou
周孝王姬辟方891 BC-886 BCKing Xiao of Zhou
周夷王姬燮885 BC-878 BCKing Yi of Zhou
周厲王姬胡877 BC-841 BCKing Li of Zhou
共和共和841 BC-828 BCRegency.
周宣王姬靜827 BC-782 BCKing Xuan of Zhou
周幽王姬宮湦781 BC-771 BCKing You of Zhou
周平王姬宜臼770 BC-720 BCKing Ping of Zhou
周桓王姬林719 BC-697 BCKing Huan of Zhou
周莊王姬佗696 BC-682 BCKing Zhuang of Zhou
周釐王姬胡齊681 BC-677 BCKing Xi of Zhou
周惠王姬閬676 BC-652 BCKing Hui of Zhou
周襄王姬鄭651 BC-619 BCKing Xiang of Zhou
周頃王姬壬臣618 BC-613 BCKing Qing of Zhou
周匡王姬班612 BC-607 BCKing Kuang of Zhou
周定王姬瑜606 BC-586 BCKing Ding of Zhou
周簡王姬夷585 BC-572 BCKing Jian of Zhou
周靈王姬泄心571 BC-545 BCKing Ling of Zhou
周景王姬貴544 BC-521 BCKing Jing of Zhou
周悼王姬猛520 BC-520 BCKing Dao of Zhou
周敬王姬丐519 BC-476 BCKing Jing of Zhou
周元王姬仁475 BC-469 BCKing Yuan of Zhou
周貞定王姬介468 BC-442 BCKing Zhen Ding of Zhou
周哀王姬去疾441 BC-441 BCKing Ai of Zhou
周思王姬叔441 BC-441 BCKing Si of Zhou
周考王姬嵬440 BC-426 BCKing Kao of Zhou
周威烈王姬午425 BC-402 BCKing Wei Lie of Zhou
周安王姬驕401 BC-376 BCKing An of Zhou
周烈王姬喜375 BC-369 BCKing Lie of Zhou
周顯王姬扁368 BC-321 BCKing Xian of Zhou
周慎靚王姬定320 BC-315 BCKing Shen Jing of Zhou
周赧王姬延314 BC-256 BCKing Nan of Zhou
周昭文君姬傑255 BC-249 BCZhao Wen Jun of Zhou

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