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Chinese Text Project

Privacy policy

The Chinese Text Project (along with virtually all other websites) collects data on usage of the site for various purposes. This data includes IP address, pages accessed, time of access and other information which is not personally identifiable. In addition, users may choose to create accounts which include personally identifiable information including name and e-mail address.

The information collected is used internally for administrative purposes and for the purposes of improving the site and preventing unauthorized access and abuse. This information will not be sold to third parties, though it may be shared with relevant parties where it relates to possible abuse for purposes of investigating or preventing such abuse. E-mail addresses of users who have created accounts may be used for administrative purposes and announcements directly relevant to the site. E-mail addresses will not be published, sold, or shared commercially.


Cookies are small pieces of information stored on a users computer by their web browser in response to a request by a website, and then subsequently sent back to the website, normally for the purpose of identifying the user as being the same user on subsequent visits. This site uses cookies for the purposes of storing user preferences and for maintaining "logged in" status of users who have created accounts and logged in.

Additionally, as this site uses Google AdSense to display context-sensitive advertisements, Google may create and use cookies for purposes relating to the display of such ads. Please refer to the relevant Google policy document for more information, including Google's opt-out procedure.

If you are concerned about the use of cookies and do not wish to use the features they support, you may instruct your web browser to delete and refuse cookies; you will be free to use the rest of the site without their creation or use.

Data security

The CTP takes security very seriously and actively investigates possible cases of abuse. Every effort is taken to ensure that all user information is stored in a secure manner. In line with IT best practice, we do not store your password; the site confirms that your password is correct by using a cryptographic hash function. This means that the administrators of the site do not have access to your password, and that even in the unlikely event our database were to be accessed maliciously, it does not actually contain your password.


The Chinese Text Project believes in the importance of maintaining and preserving the privacy of user data. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that user information will remain private, and can make no guarantee against unauthorized access to information provided in the course of participating in the site.