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Simplified Chinese version

《淮南子 - Huainanzi》

[Western Han (206 BC - 9)]
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[Also known as: 《淮南》, 《鸿烈》]

 1. 原道训
 2. 俶真训
 3. 天文训
 4. 墬形训
 5. 时则训
 6. 览冥训
 7. 精神训
 8. 本经训
 9. 主术训
 10. 缪称训
 11. 齐俗训
 12. 道应训
 13. 泛论训
 14. 诠言训
 15. 兵略训
 16. 说山训
 17. 说林训
 18. 人闲训
 19. 修务训
 20. 泰族训
 21. 要略


Digital base text [?]

A scanned version of the manuscript to which the digital edition of this text should conform is available in the Chinese Text Project Library. The Chinese Text Project edition of this text shown above is intended to follow the specified scanned source text in the Library section of the site except where explicitly noted. If you find any discrepancies, please report them so that they can be corrected.

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URN: ctp:huainanzi