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Chinese Text Project

Discussion forum

The site has a built-in discussion forum where users are welcome to discuss issues relating to Chinese texts, the site itself, and also post corrections to texts on the site.

Before posting a message for the first time, please note the following:

The discussion forum includes a number of unique features specific to the site:


Discussion threads which have a topic relating to an object on the site (such as a particular text, passage, publication, dictionary entry or character) can be linked to the relevant object. Once such a link is created, relevant discussion pages display a link to the object, and pages displaying the object itself display a link to the related discussion. This allows others following the discussion to immediately locate the object in question, and also allows those interested in the object to quickly locate related discussion.

To create a discussion thread about a particular object, log in to the site, locate the object, and click on the [Discuss] icon (indicating there is existing discussion) or [Discuss new] icon (which indicates there is no existing discussion) beside it. It is also possible to add links to existing discussion, by clicking on the "Add new relation" link at the top right of the page containing the discussion thread.

When linking, please only link the most relevant object (e.g. in a discussion about chapter one of the Analects, link only to Analects chapter one, and not to the whole Analects). A particular thread is limited to a maximum of five linked objects; only administrators and the user who created the link can remove links. To delete a link which you have created, click on the [X] icon beside it.


You can subscribe to a discussion thread by clicking the link "Subscribe to this thread", or by checking the box "Notify me by e-mail when there are replies to this thread" when you post a message. When you are subscribed to a thread, the system will send you an e-mail when someone posts a new message to that thread. To unsubscribe from a thread, click on the link labelled "Unsubscribe from this thread" on the relevant discussion page.