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Scope: Qu Li I Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "先生書策琴瑟在前坐而遷之戒勿越" Matched:1.
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曲禮上 - Qu Li I

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[Also known as: "Summary of the Rules of Propriety Part 1"]

31 曲禮上:
Qu Li I:
When (a pupil) is about to go to his mat, he should not look discomposed. With his two hands he should hold up his lower garment, so that the bottom of it may be a cubit from the ground. His clothes should not hang loosely about him, nor should there be any hurried movements of his feet. If any writing or tablets of his master, or his lute or cithern be in the way, he should kneel down and remove them, taking care not to disarrange them. When sitting and doing nothing, he should keep quite at the back (of his mat); when eating, quite at the front of it. He should sit quietly and keep a watch on his countenance. If there be any subject on which the elder has not touched, let him not introduce it irregularly. Let him keep his deportment correct, and listen respectfully. Let him not appropriate (to himself) the words (of others), nor (repeat them) as (the echo does the) thunder. If he must (adduce proofs), let them be from antiquity, with an appeal to the ancient kings.

Total 1 paragraphs. Page 1 of 1.