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Scope: Zengzi Wen Request type: Paragraph
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曾子問 - Zengzi Wen

English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: "The questions of Zeng-zi"]

20 曾子問:
Zengzi Wen:
Zeng-zi asked, 'Anciently, when they marched on an expedition, and carried no displaced tablets with them, what did they make their chief consideration?'
Confucius said, 'They made the instructions from the tablet their chief consideration.'
'What does that mean?' asked the other.
Confucius said, 'When the son of Heaven or the prince of a state was about to go forth, he would, with gifts of silk, skins, and jade-tokens, announce his purpose at the shrines of his grandfather and father. He then took those gifts with him, conveying them on the march in the carriage of Reverence. At every stage (of the march), he would place offerings of food by them, and afterwards occupy the station. On returning, they would make announcement (at the same shrines), and when they had set forth (again) their offerings, they would collect the silk and jade, and bury them between the steps (leading) up to the fane of the high ancestor; after which they left the temple. This was how they made the instructions they received their chief consideration.'

Total 1 paragraphs. Page 1 of 1.