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《孟子 - Mengzi》

[Warring States] 340 BC-250 BC English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: "The Works of Mencius"]

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ICS Mengzi
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(宋)张栻 孟子说《摛藻堂四库全书荟要》本
(宋)朱子 孟子《钦定四库全书》本
(汉)赵岐注 孟子《四部丛刊初编》本
(东汉)赵岐注(宋)孙奭疏 孟子注疏《武英殿十三经注疏》本
[More (43 total)] 孟子《续古逸丛书》本
 梁惠王上 - Liang Hui Wang I
 梁惠王下 - Liang Hui Wang II
 公孙丑上 - Gong Sun Chou I
 公孙丑下 - Gong Sun Chou II
 滕文公上 - Teng Wen Gong I
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Source: "The Works of Mencius", James Legge, Clarendon, 1985

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