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Scope: Befriending the Learned Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "分議者延延而支苟者詻詻焉可以長生保國" Matched:1.
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親士 - Befriending the Learned

English translation: W. P. Mei [?]
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3 親士:
Befriending the Learned:...:
I have heard it said: It is not that there is no peaceful abode but that I have no peaceful heart (over others' homelessness); it is not that my wealth is not sufficient but that my passion yearns for more (to improve others' conditions). Therefore the superior man is strict with one's self but lenient with others (in matters of conduct) while the multitude are lenient with themselves but strict with others. The superior man carries out his ambitions successfully in action and studies the situation when he is at leisure. Even when he is taken as a mediocre individual he feels no dissatisfaction. This is because he has self-confidence. Therefore, those who attempt what seems difficult to them will obtain what they desire, but few who aim at what they desire can avoid what they dislike. Therefore, artful ministers are harmful to the lord and flattering subordinates are injurious to the ruler. The lord should have uncompromising ministers; the ruler should have stern subordinates. Only when counsel is given with farsightedness and advice administered with sternness, can the life of the state be secure and permanent.

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