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Scope: Canon I Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "同異交得放有無" Matched:1.
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經上 - Canon I

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89 經上:
Canon I:
Sameness and difference. In interplay, having and lacking become relative.
Exposition of Canon I:...:
In interplay the following become relative: In the case of a rich family, of native intelligence, 'having and lacking'. In the case of putting side by side and measuring, 'more and less'. In the case of a louse on a hare moving this way and that (?), 'departing and approaching'. In the case of retreating the better to attack, 'hard and soft'. In the case of a sword just striking, 'dead and alive'. In the case of son, son and mother within a family, 'elder and younger'. In the case of discourse, conduct, learning an object, 'being this or not being it (right or wrong)'. In the case of raising objections to a proposal or putting off acting on it, 'proved or not yet proved'. In the case of elder-brother and younger-brother, 'both being complements'. In the case of the body being here and the thoughts on something elsewhere, 'present or absent'. In the case of what 'Crane' constitutes, 'the surname or the thing as it is in itself'. In the case of a price being right, 'dear or cheap'.

1. 甲 : Originally read: "早".
2. 子 : Deleted. 衍文。
3. 行行 : Deleted.
4. 雞 : Originally read: "難".

Total 1 paragraphs. Page 1 of 1.