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Scope: Minor Illustrations Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "內膠而不解也此乃是而不然者也" Matched:1.
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小取 - Minor Illustrations

[Warring States (475 BC - 221 BC)] Library Resources
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[Also known as: "Xiao-qu", "Lesser Pick"]

5 小取:
Minor Illustrations:
Huo's parents are people; Huo serving his parents is not serving people.
His younger brother is a handsome person; caring for his younger brother is not caring for handsome people.
A cart is wooden; riding a cart is not riding wood.
A boat is wooden; entering a boat is not entering wood.
A thief is a man; many thieves is not many men.
There being no thieves is not there being no men.
How can it be made clear?
Hating there being many thieves is not hating there being many men.
Wishing there were no thieves is not wishing there were no men.
Everyone in the world takes these as so. If this is so, then though thieves are men, caring for thieves is not caring for men; not caring for thieves is not not-caring for men; killing thieves is not killing men – there is nothing difficult in it! This and those are of the same kind; the world have those and don't oppose themselves, [yet] we Mohists have this and they oppose us. There can be no other reason than that they are stopped up within and closed without; their heart-minds are all filled in!
These are the "thus and not so".

1. 親 : Originally read: "視".
2. 入 : Originally read: "人".
3. 入 : Originally read: "人".
4. 盜無難 : Deleted. 衍文。
5. 他故 : Originally read: "故也".
6. 然 : Originally read: "殺".

Total 1 paragraphs. Page 1 of 1.