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Scope: On Dyeing Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "此六君者所染不當故國家殘亡身為刑戮宗廟破滅絕無後類君臣離散民人流亡" Matched:1.
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所染 - On Dyeing

English translation: W. P. Mei [?]
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5 所染:
On Dyeing:
Fan Ji She came under the influence of Zhang Liu Shuo and Wang Sheng; Zhang Xing Yin, under that of Ji Qin and Gao Jiang; Fu Chai, under that of Wang Sun Luo and Minister Pi; Zhi Bo Yao, under that of Zhi Guo and Zhang Wu; Shang of Zhongshan, under that of Wei Yi and Yan Chang; and Lord Kang of Song, under that of Tang Yang and Tian Bu Li. Now, these six princes had been under bad influences. Therefore their states were ruined and they were executed, their ancestral temples were destroyed and descendants annihilated. The rulers and the subjects were dispersed and the people were left homeless. The whole world points to these six princes as the most greedy and disturbing people.

1. 佃 : Originally read: "伷". Corrected by 孫詒讓《墨子閒詁》

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