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Scope: Pre-Qin and Han Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "驷不及舌" Matched:2.
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先秦兩漢 - Pre-Qin and Han

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儒家 - Confucianism

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論語 - The Analects

[Spring and Autumn - Warring States] 480 BC-350 BC
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[Also known as: "The Analects of Confucius", "The Confucian Analects"]

顏淵 - Yan Yuan

English translation: James Legge [?]
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8 顏淵:
Yan Yuan:
Ji Zi Cheng said, "In a superior man it is only the substantial qualities which are wanted; why should we seek for ornamental accomplishments?" Zi Gong said, "Alas! Your words, sir, show you to be a superior man, but four horses cannot overtake the tongue. Ornament is as substance; substance is as ornament. The hide of a tiger or a leopard stripped of its hair, is like the hide of a dog or a goat stripped of its hair."

道家 - Daoism

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老子河上公章句 - Heshanggong Laozi

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