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Chinese Text Project

Publications by Tu Wei-ming (杜維明):

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BookEnglishBary, William Theodore De; Tu Wei-mingConfucianism and Human Rights, Columbia University Press (January 1998)0231109369
BookEnglishSelover, Thomas W.; Tu Wei-mingHsieh Liang-tso and the Analects of Confucius: Humane Learning as a Religious Quest, American Academy of Religion (December 2004)0195156102
BookEnglishTu Wei-mingCentrality and commonality: An essay on Chung-yung, University Press of Hawaii (1976)0824804473
BookEnglishTu Wei-mingCentrality and Commonality: An Essay on Confucian Religiousness, SUNY Press (1989)0887069274
BookEnglishTu Wei-ming; Tucker, Mary EvelynConfucian Spirituality (2004)0824521110
BookEnglishTu Wei-mingConfucian Thought: Selfhood As Creative Transformation, SUNY Press (1985)0887060056
BookEnglishTu Wei-mingHumanity and Self-Cultivation: Essays in Confucian Thought, Cheng & Tsui (June 1991)0887273173
BookEnglishTu Wei-mingNeo-Confucian Thought in Action: Wang Yang-Ming's Youth (1472-1509), Univ of California Press (January 1976)0520029682
BookEnglishTu Wei-ming; Heitmanek, Milan G.; Wachman, Alan M.The Confucian World Observed: A Contemporary Discussion of Confucian Humanism in East Asia, University of Hawaii Press (1992)0824814517
BookEnglishTu Wei-mingWay, Learning, and Politics: Essays on the Confucian Intellectual, State University of New York Press (July 1993)079141776X
ArticleEnglishTu Wei-ming Creativity: A Confucian Understanding in "Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy" (2007) Vol. 6 Iss. 2 p.115-124