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The Tao of Teaching: The Special Meaning of the Tao Te Ching As Related to the Art and Pleasures of Teaching

Greta K. Nagel - Plume Books, 1999

Book description

The Tao of Teaching is of special interest for teachers but also for parents and others who are looking for a book of wisdom on how to deal with people, especially children, in a learning environment. Deriving its name from the Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu, The Tao of Teaching follows the structure of the classic book of wisdom in its eighty-one individual chapters, and includes a special introduction by the author that explains the practical usefulness of a book aimed especially at the education of our youth. Each chapter in The Tao of Teaching contains specific examples from the classrooms of three present-day teachers whose work the author feels provides a living example of Taoist wisdom and "student-centered, " progressive educational methods. It is a labor of love, containing many important insights by a talented and respected professional whose emphasis is on the students' contribution in a learning environment, whatever the context.

Reviews and discussion

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