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Chinese Text Project

Twentieth Century China: An Annotated Bibliography of Reference Works in Chinese, Japanese, and Western Languages. Subjects A-I. Subjects J-Z.

James H. Cole - M.E. Sharpe, 2003

Book description

This annotated subject bibliography of reference works from Chinese, Japanese, and Western languages sources covers the 1911 Revolution, the Republic of China (1912-1949), the People's Republic of China (1949- ), post-1911 Hong Kong and Macau, and post-1911 overseas Chinese. Although emphasis is on works published from 1964 on, major earlier works (especially on the period 1912-1949) are also included. Reference works, as defined in this volume, are bibliographies, biographical dictionaries, and collected bibliographies, chronologies, collections of illustrations, encyclopedias, guides (including guides to primary and secondary sources), handbooks, indexes, library catalogs, maps and atlases, overviews of locales and bibliographies of local gazetteers, indexes of periodical contents, specialized dictionaries, state-of-the-field articles, statistical compilations (when considered to be reference works rather than primary sources), and yearbooks and almanacs.

Reviews and discussion

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