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Chinese Text Project
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BookEnglishRoth, HaroldCompanion to Angus C. Graham's Chuang Tzu: The Inner Chapters, University of Hawaii Press (November 2003)0824826434
BookEnglishRoth, HaroldOriginal Tao: Inward Training (Nei-yeh) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism, Columbia University Press (October 2004)0231115652
BookEnglishRoth, HaroldThe Textual History of the Huai-Nan Tzu (Monographs of the Association for Asian Studies), Association for Asian Studies (July 1991)0924304065
BookEnglishRouzer, PaulA New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese, Harvard University Asia Center (June 2007)067402270X
BookEnglishRoy, David T. Ed.; Tsien, Tsuen-hsuin Ed.Ancient China: Studies in early civilization, Chinese University Press (1982)9622011446
BookEnglishRudnicki, StefanConfucius in the Boardroom: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Lessons for Business, NewStar Press (April 1998)0787114170
BookEnglishRussell, StephenThe Barefoot Doctor's Guide to the Tao: A Spiritual Handbood for the Urban Warrior, Three Rivers Press (May 1999)0812931580
BookEnglishSailey, Jay; Ge, HongThe master who embraces simplicity: a study of the philosopher Ko Hung, A.D. 283-343 (1978)0896445224
BookEnglishSargent, Claudia KarabaicConfucius: The Wisdom, Bulfinch Press (1995)0821221612
BookEnglishSaso, Michael R.Taoist Master Chuang (August 2000)0967794803
BookEnglishSato, MasayukiThe Confucian Quest for Order: The Origin and Formation of the Political Thought of Xun Zi, BRILL (January 2003)9004129650
BookEnglishSawyer, Ralph D.Art of the Warrior: Leadership and Strategy from the Chinese Military Classics, Shambhala (September 1996)1570621632
BookEnglishSawyer, Ralph D.Fire and Water: The Art of Incendiary and Aquatic Warfare in China, Westview Press (January 2004)0813340659
BookEnglishSawyer, Ralph D.Ling ch'i ching: a classic Chinese oracle, Shambhala Pubns (November 1995)1570620830
BookEnglishSawyer, Ralph D.Sun Pin Military Methods, Westview Pr (1995)0813388880
BookEnglishSawyer, Ralph D.The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China, including The Art of War, Westview Press (April 1993)0813312280
BookEnglishSawyer, Ralph D.; Sawyer, Mei-chünThe Tao of spycraft: intelligence theory and practice in traditional China, Basic Books (October 1998)0813333032
BookEnglishSchaberg, DavidA Patterned Past: Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography, Harvard Univ Asia Center (2001)0674008618
BookEnglishSchüssler, AxelMinimal Old Chinese and Later Han Chinese: A Companion to Grammata Serica Recensa, University of Hawaii Press (2009)0824832647
BookEnglishSchipper, Kristofer Marinus; Meyer, Jan A. M. De; Engelfriet, Peter M.Linked Faiths: Essays on Chinese Religions and Traditional Culture in Honor of Kristofer Schipper, Brill Academic Pub (2000)9004115404

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