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Chinese Text Project
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BookEnglishDeuchler, MartinaThe Confucian transformation of Korea: a study of society and ideology, Harvard University Press (1992)0674160886
BookEnglishDeutsch, EliotCulture and Modernity: East-West Philosophic Perspectives, University of Hawaii Press (January 1991)0824813707
BookEnglishDickman, MikeThe Sayings of Old Ch'eng: On the Nature of Original Mind, Cool Grove Pr (May 2000)188727622X
BookEnglishDuyvendak, J. J. L.The Book of Lord Shang: A Classic of the Chinese School of Law, Lawbook Exchange (May 2003)1584772417
BookEnglishEbrey, Patricia BuckleyChinese civilization: a sourcebook, Free Pr (May 1993)002908752X
BookEnglishEbrey, Patricia BuckleyConfucianism and Family Rituals in Imperial China: A Social History of Writing About Rites (1991)0691031509
BookEnglishElliott, Mark C.The Manchu Way: The Eight Banners and Ethnic Identity in Late Imperial China, Stanford University Press (2001)0804746842
BookEnglishElman, Benjamin A.From philosophy to philology: intellectual and social aspects of change in late imperial China, Harvard Univ Council on East Asian (1984)0674325257
BookEnglishElman, Benjamin A.; Kern, MartinStatecraft and Classical Learning: The Rituals of Zhou in East Asian History, Brill Academic Publishers (2010)9004180915
BookEnglishEno, RobertThe Confucian Creation of Heaven: Philosophy and the Defense of Ritual Mastery, New York University Press (1990)079140191x
BookEnglishEskildsen, StephenAsceticism in Early Taoist Religion, SUNY Press (1998)0791439550
BookEnglishFarmer, Edward L.; Taylor, Rodney Leon; Waltner, Ann BethMing history: an introductory guide to research, University of Minnesota, History Department, Ming (1994)1886108021
BookEnglishFeng, Yu-lanA History of Chinese Philosophy (1937)0691071152
BookEnglishFingarette, HerbertConfucius: The Secular As Sacred1577660102
BookEnglishFischer, PaulShizi: China's First Syncretist, Columbia University Press (2012)0231159064
BookEnglishFrancis, JohnChinese Moral Maxims, 19100766106810
BookEnglishFraser, Chris; Robins, Dan; O'Leary, TimothyEthics in Early China: An Anthology, Hong Kong University Press (2011)9888028936
BookEnglishFreedman, David Noel; McClymond, Michael JamesThe rivers of paradise: Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus, and Muhammad as religious founders, Eerdmans Pub Co (2001)0802845401
BookEnglishFroese, KatrinEthics Unbound: Some Chinese and Western Perspectives on Morality, Chinese University Press (January 2013)9629964961
BookEnglishFu, ZhengyuanChina's Legalists: The Earliest Totalitarians and Their Art of Ruling, M.E. Sharpe (April 1996)1563247801

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