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ChapterEnglishCrandell, Michael MarkOn Walking without Touching the Ground: 'Play' in the Inner Chapters of the Chuang-tzu in "Experimental Essays on Chuang-Tzu (Asian Studies at Hawaii, No. 29)" p.101-124
BookEnglishZhang, JiOne and Many: A Comparative Study of Plato's Philosophy and Daoism Represented by Ge Hong, University of Hawaii Press (March 2012)0824835549
ChapterEnglishCheng, Chung-yingOnto-Hermeneutical Vision and Analytic Discourse: Interpretation and Reconstruction in Chinese Philosophy in "Two Roads to Wisdom?: Chinese and Analytic Philosophical Traditions" p.87-130
BookEnglishShunchao, ZhengOpening the Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard, Tuttle Publishing (September 1998)0804831858
BookEnglishCristaudo, Wayne; Wong, Heung Wah; Youzhong, SunOrder and Revolt: Debating the Principles of Eastern and Western Social Thought, Bridge21 Pubs (March 2014)1626430047
BookEnglishHymes, Robert P.; Schirokauer, ConradOrdering the world [electronic resource]: approaches to state and society in Sung Dynasty China, Univ of California Press (1993)0520076915
BookEnglishRoth, HaroldOriginal Tao: Inward Training (Nei-yeh) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism, Columbia University Press (October 2004)0231115652
BookEnglishPulleyblank, Edwin G.Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar, University of Washington Press (January 1998)0774805412
BookEnglishStalknaker, AaronOvercoming Our Evil: Human Nature and Spiritual Exercises in Xunzi and Augustine, Georgetown University Press (February 2009)1589015037
JournalEnglishPapers on Far Eastern History
BookEnglishHinsch, BretPassions of the Cut Sleeve: The Male Homosexual Tradition in China, Univ of California Press (1990)0520078691
ChapterEnglishXing, LuPerceptions and Methodology in the Study of Classical Chinese Rhetoric in "Rhetoric in Ancient China, Fifth to Third Century B.C.E: A Comparison With Classical Greek Rhetoric" p.14-43
ChapterEnglishLin, Shu-hsienPhilosophical Analysis and Hermeneutics: Reflections on Methodology via an Examination of the Evolution of My Understanding of Chinese Philosophy in "Two Roads to Wisdom?: Chinese and Analytic Philosophical Traditions" p.131-152
ChapterEnglishReding, Jean-PaulPhilosophy and Geometry in Early China in "Comparative Essays in Early Greek and Chinese Rational Thinking" p.49-64
BookEnglishLiu, Fang - t'ung; Huang, Songjie; MacLean, George F.Philosophy and Modernization in China, CRVP (January 1997)1565180666
JournalEnglishPhilosophy East and West (東西哲學論叢), University of Hawaii Press
BookEnglishMeyer, DirkPhilosophy on Bamboo: Text and the Production of Meaning in Early China, BRILL (October 2011)9004207627
BookEnglishTseng, Lillian Lan-yingPicturing Heaven in Early China, Harvard University Press (2011)0674060695
BookEnglishGraham, A.C.Poems of the Late T'ang1590172574
BookEnglishLloyd, GeoffreyPrinciples And Practices in Ancient Greek And Chinese Science, Ashgate Publishing (November 2006)0860789934

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