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Chinese Text Project
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BookEnglishMartzloff, Jean-ClaudeA History of Chinese Mathematics, Springer (August 2006)3540337822
BookEnglishFeng, Yu-lanA History of Chinese Philosophy (1937)0691071152
ChapterEnglishLundberg, BrianA Meditation on Friendship in "Wandering at Ease in the Zhuangzi (Suny Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture)" p.211-218
ChapterEnglishOshima, Harold H.A Metaphorical Analysis of the Concept of Mind in the Chuang-tzu in "Experimental Essays on Chuang-Tzu (Asian Studies at Hawaii, No. 29)" p.63-84
ArticleEnglishGraham, A.C. A Neglected Pre-Han Philosophical Text: 'Ho-kuan-tzu' in "Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies" (1989) Vol. 52 Iss. 3 p.497-532
BookEnglishRouzer, PaulA New Practical Primer of Literary Chinese, Harvard University Asia Center (June 2007)067402270X
BookEnglishSchaberg, DavidA Patterned Past: Form and Thought in Early Chinese Historiography, Harvard Univ Asia Center (2001)0674008618
BookEnglishChan, Wing-tsitA Source Book in Chinese Philosophy, Princeton University Press0691019649
BookEnglishHansson, Inga-Lill Ed.A Symposium on Chinese Grammar (January 1971)9144063717
ChapterEnglishSivin, NathanA systematic approach to the Mohist optics in "Chinese Science: Explorations of an Ancient Tradition"
ChapterEnglishHansen, ChadA Tao of Tao in Chuang-tzu in "Experimental Essays on Chuang-Tzu (Asian Studies at Hawaii, No. 29)" p.24-55
ChapterEnglishRaphals, LisaA Woman Who Understood the Rites in "Confucius and the Analects: New Essays" p.275-302
BookEnglishHandlin, Joanna FlugAction in Late Ming Thought: The Reorientation of Lü K'un and Other Scholar-officials (1983)0520043804
BookEnglishLloyd, GeoffreyAdversaries and Authorities: Investigations into Ancient Greek and Chinese Science, Cambridge University Press (July 1996)0521556953
BookEnglishGoldin, Paul R.After Confucius: Studies In Early Chinese Philosophy, University of Hawaii Press (January 2005)0824828429
ChapterEnglishYearly, Lee H.An Existentialist Reading of Book 4 of the Analects in "Confucius and the Analects: New Essays" p.237-274
BookEnglishCoutinho, SteveAn Introduction to Daoist Philosophies, Columbia University Press (November 2013)0231143397
BookEnglishCunshan, LiAn Outline of Chinese Traditional Philosophy, Paths International (November 2013)1844642658
BookEnglishLee, Don Y.An outline of Confucianism: traditional and neoconfucianism, and criticism, Eastern Pr (November 1988)0939758164
BookEnglishRoy, David T. Ed.; Tsien, Tsuen-hsuin Ed.Ancient China: Studies in early civilization, Chinese University Press (1982)9622011446

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