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BookEnglishDefoort, Carine; Standaert, NicolasThe Mozi As an Evolving Text: Different Voices in Early Chinese Thought, Brill Academic Publishers (March 2013)9004234349
BookEnglishGraham, A.C.Divisions in Early Mohism Reflected in the Core Chapters of Mo-tzu, National University of Singapore, IEAP (1985)9971842130
BookEnglishGraham, A.C.Later Mohist Logic, Ethics and Science, Chinese University Press (2004)962201142X
BookEnglishJohnston, IanThe Mozi: a complete translation, Columbia Univ Pr (May 2010)023115240X
BookEnglishKnoblock, John; Riegel, JeffreyMozi: A Study and Translation of the Ethical and Political Writings (April 2013)1557291039
BookEnglishWatson, BurtonBasic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu, Columbia University Press (April 1967)0231025157
BookEnglishWatson, BurtonMozi: Basic Writings, Columbia University Press (May 2003)0231130015
BookChinese鄭杰文二十世紀墨學研究史, 北京:清華大學出版社 (2002)
BookChinese陳癸淼墨辯研究, 台北:學生書局 (1977)
BookChinese陳孟麟墨辯邏輯學, 濟南:齊魯書社 (1983)
BookChinese陳榮波墨家前後期思想研究, 桃園:繼福堂出版社 (2001)
BookChinese吳進安墨家哲學, 台北:五南圖書公司 (2003)
BookChinese周雲之墨經校注‧今譯‧研究-墨經邏輯學, 蘭州:甘肅人民出版社 (1993)
BookChinese姜寶昌墨經訓釋, 濟南:齊魯書社 (1993)
BookChinese孫長祥思維˙語言˙行動-現代學術視野中的墨辯, 台北:文津出版社 (2005)
BookChinese孫詒讓墨子閒詁, 華正書局 (1994)
BookChinese孫中原墨學與現代文化, 中國廣播電視出版社 (June 2007)7504330536
BookChinese孫中原中國邏輯研究, 北京:商務印書館 (2006)
BookChinese張斌峰近代墨辯復興之路, 山西教育出版社 (1999)
BookChinese方孝博墨經中的數學和物理學, 北京:中國社科出版社 (1983)

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