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Chinese Text Project

JournalEnglishPhilosophy East and West (東西哲學論叢), University of Hawaii Press

Chapters from this journal appearing in the database:
ArticleEnglishChang, Carsun Reason and Intuition in Chinese Philosophy
ArticleEnglishFraser, Chris Language and Ontology in Early Chinese Thought (2007) Vol. 57 Iss. 4
ArticleEnglishFraser, Chris Review of Effortless Action: Wu-wei as Conceptual Metaphor and Spiritual Ideal in Early China (January 2007) Vol. 57 Iss. 1
ArticleEnglishSturgeon, Donald Zhuangzi, perspectives, and greater knowledge Vol. 65 Iss. 3
ArticleEnglishZong Desheng Studies of Intentional Contexts in Mohist Writings (2000) Vol. 50
ArticleEnglishHsieh, Shanyuan Hsüntzu's Political Philosophy (1979) Vol. 29 p.69-90
ArticleEnglishGraham, A.C. The Disputation of Kung-sun Lung as argument about whole and part (1986) Vol. 36 Iss. 2 p.89-106
ArticleEnglishHansen, Chad Freedom and Moral Responsibility in Confucian Ethics (1972) Vol. 22 p.169-186
ArticleEnglishHansen, Chad Mass nouns and 'A white horse is not a horse' (1976) Vol. 26 Iss. 2 p.189-209
ArticleEnglishVan Norden, Bryan Competing Interpretations of the Inner Chapters (1996) Vol. 46 Iss. 2 p.247-268
ArticleEnglishHansen, Chad Linguistic skepticism in the Lao Tzu (1981) Vol. 31 Iss. 3 p.321-336
ArticleEnglishCheng, Chung-ying Kung-sun Lung: White horse and other issues (1983) Vol. 33 Iss. 4 p.341-354