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Scope: Lu Bu Kills Dong Zhuo For Wang Yun; Li Jue Attacks The Capital On Jia Xu's Advice Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "三戰虎牢徒費力凱歌卻奏鳳儀亭" Matched:1.
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除暴兇呂布助司徒,犯長安李傕聽賈詡 - Lu Bu Kills Dong Zhuo For Wang Yun; Li Jue Attacks The Capital On Jia Xu's Advice

3 除暴兇呂... :
Lu Bu Kills Dong...:
Dong Zhuo plucked it from her hand and, throwing his arms about her, and cried, "I was only joking!"
She lay back on his breast hiding her face and sobbing bitterly.
"This is the doing of that Li Ru," said she. "He is much too thick with Lu Bu. He suggested that, I know. Little he cares for the Imperial Rector's reputation or my life. Oh! I could eat him alive!"
"Do you think I could bear to lose you?" said Dong Zhuo.
"Though you love me yet I must not stay here. That Lu Bu will try to ruin me if I do. I fear him!"
"We will go to Meiwu tomorrow, you and I, and we will be happy together and have no cares."
She dried her tears and thanked him. Next day Li Ru came again to persuade Dong Zhuo to send the damsel to Lu Bu.
"This is a propitious day," said Li Ru.
"He and I standing in the relation of father and son. I cannot very well do that," said Dong Zhuo. "But I will say no more about his fault. You may tell him so and soothe him as well as you can."
"You are not being beguiled by the woman, are you?" said Li Ru.
Dong Zhuo colored, saying, "Would you like to give your wife to some body else? Do not talk about this any further. It would be better not to!"
Li Ru left the chamber. When he got outside, he cast his eyes up to heaven, saying, "We are dead people —-slain by the hand of this girl!"
When a scholar of history reached this episode he wrote a verse or two:
Just introduce a woman,
Conspiracies succeed;
Of soldiers, or their weapons,
There really is no need.
They fought their bloody battles,
And doughty deeds were done;
But in a garden summer house
The victory was won.

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