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Scope: Reform of the Law Request type: Paragraph
Condition 1: Contains text "郭偃之法曰论至德者不和于俗" Matched:1.
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更法 - Reform of the Law

English translation: J. J. L. Duyvendak [?]
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3 更法:
Reform of the Law:
Gong sun Yang said: "I have heard it said that he who hesitates in action, does not accomplish anything, and that he who hesitates in affairs, gains no merit. Let Your Highness settle Your thoughts quickly about altering the laws and perhaps not heed the criticism of the empire. Moreover, he who conducts himself as an outstanding man is, as a matter of course, disapproved of by the world; he who has thoughts of independent knowledge is certainly despised by the world. The saying runs: 'The stupid do not even understand an affair when it has been completed, but the wise see it even before it has sprouted.' One cannot let the people share in the thoughts about the beginnings of an affair, but they should be allowed to share in the rejoicings over the completion of it. The law of Guo Yan says: 'He who is concerned about the highest virtue is not in harmony with popular ideas; he who accomplishes a great work, does not take counsel with the multitude.' The law is an expression of love for the people; rites are a means for making things run smoothly. Therefore a sage, if he is able to strengthen the state thereby, does not model himself on antiquity, and if he is able to benefit the people thereby, does not adhere to the established rites."

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