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Chinese Text Project


Plugins are user-definable extensions to the Chinese Text Project user interface. Each plugin is designed to perform some particular task, such as providing access to an external dictionary, statistical tool or database, or to export or manipulate content from the Chinese Text Project in some particular way.

To use a plugin, you must first install it into your CTP account (if you don't yet have an account, you will need to create one first). Selected plugins are listed below. To list, modify or remove plugins already installed in your account, please visit the Plugins section of the Settings page.

Text toolsTools for textual analysis.chapter, book [Text tools] [Install]
AnnotateTools for textual annotation.chapter [Annotate] [Install]
Text tools (beta version)Tools for textual analysis (beta version).chapter, book [Text tools (beta version)] [Install]
Plain textExport as plain, chapter [Plain text] [Install]
TextRefList editions of a title on [TextRef] [Install]
MHDBMHDB character lookup.character, word [MHDB] [Install]


Once installed, each plugin will result in a link being displayed when you visit appropriate sections of the site. Clicking on the plugin link then activates the function which that particular plugin is designed to perform.

Please note that plugins are often dependent upon content located outside of the Chinese Text Project, and responsibility for the contents and correct functioning of a plugin rests with the plugin author and external site. If you are having problems with a third-party plugin, please post a detailed description on the discussion forum.

Technical notes

Plugins consist of XML data, as described in the API technical notes. Anyone may define their own plugin for their own or another website, install it into their own account, and make it available to others.

To install a third-party plugin available online via HTTP as an XML plugin file, enter the URL in the box below and click "Install":