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Chinese Text Project

Wenyanwen Roulette


Several users of the site have requested a "quote a day" feature or utility, or that people post their favourite lines from ancient Chinese texts. This would be possible (and of course everyone is welcome to share their favourite quotes in the forums), but would be limited by the number of interesting quotes people have the time to submit.

Instead the site has gone the extra mile, and created a feature called "Wenyanwen Roulette". With each spin of the wheel, the site picks a passage at random from the ever expanding CTP textual database, and shows you the first part of the passage, with links to its location on the site. The result might be interesting, it might be profound, or it might just be really, really random - that's the risk you have to take when you play!

Social media edition

You can receive daily quotes from the classics in your status feed by liking or following Wenyanwen Roulette on Twitter or Facebook, or 古文亂選 on 新浪微博 or 人人網. See also our full list of social media pages.

Webmaster edition

If you have a website or blog, you can add the game (or "widget") by copying the HTML code below - it will automatically show a random Chinese quote to every visitor to your site. The website widget can be customized for your site using the options below - choose your settings and click "Get code" to get the code and preview your widget, then just copy and paste the code onto your webpage.




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