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《扬子法言 - Yangzi Fayan》

[Western Han - Xin] 33 BC-18 Yang Xiong English translation: Jeffrey S. Bullock [?]
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[Also known as: 《扬雄法言》, 《杨子法言》, 《杨雄法言》, 《法言》]

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(汉)扬雄撰(晋)李轨注(宋)阙名撰音义 扬子法言《四部丛刊初编》本
(汉)杨雄 杨子法言《摛藻堂四库全书荟要》本
(汉)扬雄 扬子法言《钦定四库全书》本
(汉)扬雄 扬子法言《乾隆御览四库全书荟要》本
[More (7 total)]汪荣宝撰 法言义疏
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English translation: "Yang Xiong: Philosophy of the Fa yan", Jeffrey S. Bullock (2011).
Please note that this is a copyrighted translation, included in the Chinese Text Project with the kind permission of the author.

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