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《鬻子 - Yuzi》

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(宋)欧阳修、(宋)王观、(宋)范成大、(宋)陈仁玉、(周)鬻熊 洛阳牡丹记、扬州芍药谱、范村梅谱、菌谱、鬻子《墨海金壶》本
[More (3 total)] 逄行圭注 鬻子《正统道藏》本
 1. 撰吏五帝三王传政乙第五
 2. 大道文王问第八
 3. 贵道五帝三王周政乙第五
 4. 守道五帝三王周政甲第四
 5. 撰吏五帝三王传政乙第三
 6. 曲阜鲁周公政甲第十四
 7. 道符五帝三王传政甲第二
 8. 数始五帝治天下第七
 9. 禹政第六
 10. 汤政天下至纣第七
 11. 上禹政第六
 12. 道符五帝三王传政甲第五
 13. 汤政汤治天下理第七
 14. 慎诛鲁周公第六

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A scanned version of the manuscript to which the digital edition of this text should conform is available in the Chinese Text Project Library. The Chinese Text Project edition of this text shown above is intended to follow the specified scanned source text in the Library section of the site except where explicitly noted. If you find any discrepancies, please report them so that they can be corrected.

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URN: ctp:yuzi