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莊子 - Zhuangzi

[Warring States] 350 BC-250 BC
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[Also known as: 《南華真經》]

雜篇 - Miscellaneous Chapters

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漁父 - The Old Fisherman

English translation: James Legge [?]
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1 漁父:
The Old Fisherman:
Confucius, rambling in the forest of Zi-wei, stopped and sat down by the Apricot altar. The disciples began to read their books, while he proceeded to play on his lute, singing as he did so. He had not half finished his ditty when an old fisherman stepped down from his boat, and came towards them. His beard and eyebrows were turning white; his hair was all uncombed; and his sleeves hunc, idly down. He walked thus up from the bank, till he got to the dry ground, when he stopped, and, with his left hand holding one of his knees, and the right hand at his chin, listened. When the ditty was finished, he beckoned to Zi-gong and Zi-lu, who both responded and went to him. Pointing to Confucius, he said, 'Who is he?' Zi-lu replied, 'He is the Superior Man of Lu.' 'And of what family is he?' 'He is of the Kong family.' 'And what is the occupation of this Mr. Kong?' To this question Zi-lu gave no reply, but Zi-gong replied, 'This scion of the Kong family devotes himself in his own nature to leal-heartedness and sincerity; in his conduct he manifests benevolence and righteousness; he cultivates the ornaments of ceremonies and music; he pays special attention to the relationships of society; above, he would promote loyalty to the hereditary lords; below, he seeks the transformation of all classes of the people; his object being to benefit the kingdom: this is what Mr. Kong devotes himself to.' The stranger further asked, 'Is he a ruler possessed of territory?' 'No,' was Zi-gong's reply. 'Is he the assistant of any prince or king?' 'No;' and on this the other began to laugh and to retrace his steps, saying as he went, 'Yes, benevolence is benevolence! But I am afraid he will not escape (the evils incident to humanity). By embittering his mind and toiling his body, he is imperilling his true (nature)! Alas! how far removed is he from the proper way (of life)!'

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