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《所染 - On Dyeing》

English translation: W. P. Mei [?]
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1 所染:
On Dyeing:
Watching a dyer of silk at work, Mozi sighed, saying: What is dyed in blue becomes blue, what is dyed in yellow becomes yellow. When the silk is put in a different dye, its colour becomes also different. Having been dipped in five times, it has changed its colour five times. Therefore dyeing should be done with great care.

2 所染:
On Dyeing:
This is true not only with silk dyeing; even a country changes its colour in response to its influences. Thus Shun came under the influences of Xu You and Bo Yang; Yu, under that of Gao Yao and Bo Yi; Tang, under that of Yi Yin and Zhong Hui; and King Wu, under that of the Grand Duke and Duke Zhou. Now these four kings had been under good influences. Therefore they came to possess the empire and were commissioned Sons of Heaven (Emperors). Their achievements and great fame extended from Heaven to earth. And when the preeminently magnanimous and righteous figures of the world are mentioned, they are invariably those referred to.

1. 由 : Originally read: "山". 據:《呂氏春秋》、《群書治要》。

3 所染:
On Dyeing:
Jie of Xia came under the influence of Gan Xin and Tui Yi; Zhou of Yin, under that of the Duke of Zhong and E Lai; King Li, under that of Chang Fu, Duke Li, and Yi Zhong of the State of Rong; and King You, under that of Yi, Duke of Fu, and Gu, Duke of Cai. Now these four kings had been under bad influences. Therefore they lost their empire and their lives, and were persecuted everywhere. And when the most unrighteous and shameful persons of the world are mentioned, they are invariably those referred to.

4 所染:
On Dyeing:
Lord Huan of Qi came under the influence of Guan Zhong and Bao Shu; Lord Wen of Jin, under that of Uncle Fan and Gao Yan; Lord Zhuang of Chu, under that of Sun Shu and the Minister of Shen; He Lu of Wu, under that of Wu Yuan and Wen Yi; and Gou Jian of Yue, under that of Fan Li and Minister Zhong. Now these five lords had been under good influences. Therefore they became Tyrants among the feudal lords and their achievements and their fame were handed down to posterity.

1. 者 : Inserted. 據:《呂氏春秋》、《群書治要》。 孫詒讓《墨子閒詁》

5 所染:
On Dyeing:
Fan Ji She came under the influence of Zhang Liu Shuo and Wang Sheng; Zhang Xing Yin, under that of Ji Qin and Gao Jiang; Fu Chai, under that of Wang Sun Luo and Minister Pi; Zhi Bo Yao, under that of Zhi Guo and Zhang Wu; Shang of Zhongshan, under that of Wei Yi and Yan Chang; and Lord Kang of Song, under that of Tang Yang and Tian Bu Li. Now, these six princes had been under bad influences. Therefore their states were ruined and they were executed, their ancestral temples were destroyed and descendants annihilated. The rulers and the subjects were dispersed and the people were left homeless. The whole world points to these six princes as the most greedy and disturbing people.

1. 佃 : Originally read: "伷". Corrected by 孫詒讓《墨子閒詁》

6 所染:
On Dyeing:
Now, how can the rulers obtain security? They can obtain it by following the right way. And one will naturally follow the right way when under good influence. Therefore capable rulers are very painstaking in the selection of men while they may not be so careful in attending to the administration (themselves). But the incapable wear out their body and exhaust their energy, tax their mind and stretch their thought, and yet their states are only placed in greater danger and their persons under more humiliation. Now, it is not that these six princes do not value their states or hold their lives cheap, it is really that they do not understand the relative importance of things. And it is due to bad influences that their idea of importance is distorted.

7 所染:
On Dyeing:
Not only states but also individuals are subject to influences. If one has for friends none but those who Iove magnanimity and righteousness and who are careful and respectful of course one's family will become more prosperous, one's person more at peace, and one's name more honorable every day; and, as an official, one will be properly qualified. Examples of such are Duan Gan Mu, Qinzi, and Fu Yue. (On the contrary) if one has for friends none but those who are proud and quarrelsome and who pretend to be intimate, naturally one's family will be reduced to straits, one's person will be more in danger, and one's name more dishonourable every day and one will not be qualified for office. And, examples of such are Zi Xi, Yi Ya, and Shu Diao. An Ode says: "One must choose what to be tinged with." To be careful about what one is to be tinged with is just the theme of this (essay).

1. 刀 : Originally read: "刁". Corrected by 孫詒讓《墨子閒詁》

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