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《立本 - Establishment of Fundamentals》

English translation: J. J. L. Duyvendak [?] Library Resources
1 立本:
Establishment of Fundamentals:...:
Generally, in the utilizing of soldiers, there are three stages to victory: prior to the outbreak of hostilities, laws should be fixed (764); laws being fixed, they should become the custom; when they have become customary, supplies should be provided. These three things should be done within the country before the soldiers can be sent abroad. For performing these three things, there are two conditions; the first is to support the law, so that it can be applied; the second is to obtain the right men in appointments, so that the law can be established. For reliance on masses is said to be the assembling of a mob; reliance on outward appearances is said to be smartness; reliance on fame and sight is said to be deceitfulness. If one relies on any one of these three, one's soldiers may be captured. Therefore is it said: 'The strong are unbending; they fight for what they desire. By fighting, their strength develops to the full, and thus they are prepared. In this way, they have no rival in the four seas, and by order prevailing, products are accumulated; by the accumulation of products, it is possible for the rewards to be big.' If rewards are uniform, rank will be honoured; if rank is honoured, rewards will bring profit. Therefore is it said: 'The army, being based on a state of order, there is a marvellous result; custom, being based on law, ten thousand changes of circumstances are brought about; a condition of supremacy, being based upon the mind, it is outwardly manifested in a condition of preparedness. If these three points of view are all taken into consideration, the result will be that the strong may be firmly established.' Thus orderly government is the necessary result of strength, and strength again of orderly government; orderly government of riches, and riches again of orderly government; riches of strength, and strength again of riches. Therefore is it said: 'The way to orderly government and strength is to discuss fundamentals.'

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