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《商君書 - Shang Jun Shu》

[Warring States (475 BC - 221 BC)] English translation: J. J. L. Duyvendak [?]
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[Also known as: 《商子》, "The Book of Lord Shang"]

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[More (3 total)] 人物志、商子《漢魏叢書》本
 更法 - Reform of the Law
 墾令 - Order to Cultivate Waste Lands
 農戰 - Agriculture and War
 去強 - Elimination of Strength
 說民 - Discussion about the People
 算地 - Calculation of Land
 開塞 - Opening and Debarring
 壹言 - Unification of Words
 錯法 - Establishing Laws
 戰法 - Method of Warfare
 立本 - Establishment of Fundamentals
 兵守 - Military Defence
 靳令 - Making Orders Strict
 修權 - Cultivation of the Right Standard
 來民 - Encouragement of Immigration
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 刑約 - Compendium of Penalties
 賞刑 - Rewards and Punishments
 畫策 - Policies
 境內 - Within the Borders
 弱民 - Weakening the People
 □□ - [Lost]
 外內 - External and Internal Affairs
 君臣 - Prince and Minister
 禁使 - Interdicts and Encouragements
 慎法 - Attention to Law
 定分 - Fixing of Rights and Duties

Source: "The Book of Lord Shang", J.J.L. Duyvendak, 1928

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