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《周書 - Zhou Shu》

English translation: James Legge [?] Library Resources
 泰誓上 - Great Declaration I
 泰誓中 - Great Declaration II
 泰誓下 - Great Declaration III
 牧誓 - Speech at Mu
 武成 - Successful Completion of the War
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 洪範 - Great Plan
 旅獒 - Hounds of Lu
 金滕 - Metal-bound Coffer
 大誥 - Great Announcement
 微子之命 - Charge to the Count of Wei
 康誥 - Announcement to the Prince of Kang
 酒誥 - Announcement about Drunkenness
 梓材 - Timber of the Rottlera
 召誥 - Announcement of the Duke of Shao
 洛誥 - Announcement concerning Luo
 多士 - Numerous Officers
 無逸 - Against Luxurious Ease
 君奭 - Prince Shi
 蔡仲之命 - Charge to Zhong of Cai
 多方 - Numerous Regions
 立政 - Establishment of Government
 周官 - Officers of Zhou
 君陳 - Jun-chen
 顧命 - Testamentary Charge
 康王之誥 - Announcement of King Kang
 畢命 - Charge to the Duke of Bi
 君牙 - Kun-ya
 冏命 - Charge to Jiong
 呂刑 - Marquis of Lu on Punishments
 文侯之命 - Charge to the Marquis Wen
 費誓 - Speech at Bi
 秦誓 - Speech of the Marquis of Qin
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