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《尚書 - Shang Shu》

[Spring and Autumn (772 BC - 476 BC)] English translation: James Legge [?]
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[Also known as: 《書》, 《書經》, "The Classic of History", "The Book of Documents"]

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(漢)孔安國傳(唐)陸德明音義 尚書《四部叢刊初編》本
(漢)孔安國傳(唐)孔穎達疏 尚書正義《武英殿十三經注疏》本
(唐)孔穎達等奉勅撰 尚書正義《四部叢刊三編》本
[More (84 total)](宋)蘇軾 書傳《乾隆御覽四庫全書薈要》本
 虞書 - Yu Shu
  堯典 - Canon of Yao
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  舜典 - Canon of Shun
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  大禹謨 - Counsels of the Great Yu
  皋陶謨 - Counsels of Gao-yao
  益稷 - Yi and Ji
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 夏書 - Xia Shu
  禹貢 - Tribute of Yu
  甘誓 - Speech at Gan
  五子之歌 - Songs of the Five Sons
  胤征 - Punitive Expedition of Yin

 商書 - Shang Shu
  湯誓 - Speech of Tang
  仲虺之誥 - Announcement of Zhong-hui
  湯誥 - Announcement of Tang
  伊訓 - Instructions of Yi
  太甲上 - Tai Jia I
  太甲中 - Tai Jia II
  太甲下 - Tai Jia III
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  咸有一德 - Common Possession of Pure Virtue
  盤庚上 - Pan Geng I
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  盤庚中 - Pan Geng II
  盤庚下 - Pan Geng III
  說命上 - Charge to Yue I
  說命中 - Charge to Yue II
  說命下 - Charge to Yue III
  高宗肜日 - Day of the Supplementary Sacrifice to Gao Zong
  西伯戡黎 - Chief of the west's Conquest of Li
  微子 - Count of Wei

 周書 - Zhou Shu
  泰誓上 - Great Declaration I
  泰誓中 - Great Declaration II
  泰誓下 - Great Declaration III
  牧誓 - Speech at Mu
  武成 - Successful Completion of the War
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  洪範 - Great Plan
  旅獒 - Hounds of Lu
  金滕 - Metal-bound Coffer
  大誥 - Great Announcement
  微子之命 - Charge to the Count of Wei
  康誥 - Announcement to the Prince of Kang
  酒誥 - Announcement about Drunkenness
  梓材 - Timber of the Rottlera
  召誥 - Announcement of the Duke of Shao
  洛誥 - Announcement concerning Luo
  多士 - Numerous Officers
  無逸 - Against Luxurious Ease
  君奭 - Prince Shi
  蔡仲之命 - Charge to Zhong of Cai
  多方 - Numerous Regions
  立政 - Establishment of Government
  周官 - Officers of Zhou
  君陳 - Jun-chen
  顧命 - Testamentary Charge
  康王之誥 - Announcement of King Kang
  畢命 - Charge to the Duke of Bi
  君牙 - Kun-ya
  冏命 - Charge to Jiong
  呂刑 - Marquis of Lu on Punishments
  文侯之命 - Charge to the Marquis Wen
  費誓 - Speech at Bi
  秦誓 - Speech of the Marquis of Qin


Source: "Sacred Books of the East, Volume III", James Legge, 1879. Note that this differs in places from the translation in Legge's 1865 "The Chinese Classics, Volume III".

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A scanned version of the manuscript to which the digital edition of this text should conform is available in the Chinese Text Project Library. The Chinese Text Project edition of this text shown above is intended to follow the specified scanned source text in the Library section of the site except where explicitly noted. If you find any discrepancies, please report them so that they can be corrected.

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