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《序 - Xu》

English translation: Jeffrey S. Bullock [?] Library Resources
1 序:
When Tian gives birth to the masses, they are naive and ignorant. They give free reign to their desires and original natures, and their intelligence is undeveloped. To teach them the proper principles, I have written "Learning and Practice."

2 序:
In the time from the Duke of Zhou down to Confucius, rulers were accomplished in the dao of kingship. Afterwards, the great precepts were abandoned, and the various masters drew emblems for their own banners. Thus, I have written "My Master."

3 序:
Everything has an original essence, but it is unfolded in myriad forms. If one's actions cannot be brought to completion, one must seek the root of the matter in oneself. Thus, I have written "Cultivating the Self."

4 序:
Vast! Vast is Tian's Dao! In the past the sages completed it. If one goes too far, he loses the mean. If one doesn't go all the way, he doesn't reach the Dao. It cannot be defiled or maligned. Thus, I have written "Asking About the Dao."

5 序:
Shen (神) and xin (心) are shadowy and indistinct, but they are the warp and woof of the world, and their workings are bound up with the Dao, de, ren, yi, and li. Thus I have written "Asking About Shen."

6 序:
When wisdom is splendid and bright, shining everywhere without limit, one may avoid unforeseen dangers and protect his Heaven-decreed destiny. Thus, I have written "Asking about Seeing Clearly."

7 序:
Sayings of the past spread throughout Heaven and Earth, serving as an aid to daimonic clarity. Profound and great, vast and broad, they surpass recent sayings. Thus I have written "The Seldom Seen."

8 序:
The sage, keenly intelligent and profoundly good, continues the work of Tian and fathoms the divine. Surpassing the common herd, he sets the standard. Thus, I have written "Five Hundred Years."

9 序:
In establishing government, rousing the multitude, and influencing the world, nothing is superior to the harmony of the mean. The key to implementing the harmony of the mean lies in knowing the people's feelings. Thus, I have written "Foreknowledge."

10 序:
Since the time of Confucius, rulers of kingdoms, generals, chancellors, ministers, gentlemen, and famous officials have been variously and non-uniformly judged. I have uniformly judged them by the standards of the sage. Thus, I have written "Zhong and Li."

11 序:
From the time of Confucius down to the Dao of the Han, for virtuous conduct there were Yan Yuan and Min Ziqian, and for Han Gaozu's arms and legs there were Xiao He and Cao Shen. Now, for ranking the eminence and lowliness of famous generals, I have examined and evaluated them. Thus, I have written "Yuan and Qian."

12 序:
The junzi is pure to the end and earns a fine reputation. His actions follow standards and norms, and he completely develops the principles of the sage. Thus, I have written "The Junzi."

13 序:
In terms of filial devotion, nothing is greater than pacifying one's parents. In pacifying one's parents, nothing is greater than pacifying the spirits. In pacifying the spirits, nothing is greater than making the xin of the whole world joyful. Thus I have written "The Ultimate in Filial Devotion."

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